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Episode SIXTY-FIVE - Top Design Finale Special - April 11, 2007
It's a good thing we don't try to make money as psychics, because we can't predict the future. At all! All in all, we thought the finale of Top Design was great -- we loved the "angst montage" at the start of the show, and we continue to adore the carpenters. Our favorite carpenters made it to the finale -- let's hear it for Carl and Ed and Sarah!!!! Yea, carpenters! In the final analysis, we were surprised by how much we loved *both* lofts, and thought that Matt was getting the "loser edit" on the show. So how surprised were we? Well... listen and find out!

Stuff we forgot to mention in this week's ep (because of the adrenaline): Kelly W Watch: We didn't even see what she was wearing or not wearing, because we were so boggled by the finished designs. And Matt posted a spoiler by unveiling his new website. He said on the show that if he won, he would have the money to start a firm of his own. Surprise, surprise, surprise -- we should have been paying closer attention!
Episode SIXTY-THREE - Top Design Special - April 4, 2007
Down to three designers left on Top Design, and... Well, we're shocked. Yes, we are. And we're down to rooting for the carpenters at this point. There's drama, and then there's melodrama, and dang it, there's treating one's hardworking support team with respect. Obviously we can't predict a winner of this melee -- can you? Jonathan Adler's winning smile has Bay so charmed that she didn't even see Kelly W. -- we wonder what the judges will wear next week!
Episode SIXTY-ONE - Top Design Special - March 28, 2007
A good episode with pretty rooms and just the right amount of drama. Who're you calling bitchy, bitch? Check into a hotel and cozy up with some deep Top Design dish! Oh, yeah, and one more thing -- Amy Was Wrong! But that's OK, because she was right about who was going to win this week's challenge.
Episode FIFTY-NINE - Top Design Special - March 21, 2007
A fabulous individual challenge, and an incredible guest judge! Bay finally weighs in on whether watching "Dynasty" was good for any designer's formative education, and Amy finally ran out of patience with some designers' catty behavior under duress. So who was Kelly trying to emulate, Donna Summer or Laraine Newman? Either way, why couldn't she get a shirt to match the whole 70's hair vibe? But we're not here to judge the judges, darlings. We're here to dish. And say, isn't Tom Colicchio dishy?
NOTE: This is the episode in which Amy lied about two things. First, she lied when she said she loved Andrea's banquette. Andrea didn't have a banquette. Andrea had a side table that Amy inexplicably called a banquette. The table is what Amy loved. And second, Amy said that Carl said something Carl didn't say. Cary said the something that Amy said Carl said. Carl did say that Carisa didn't get credit for all her contributions in the garage makeover, but Carl didn't say that Carisa was his least favorite designer to work with. That was Cary who said that. Amy can't tell the difference between two four-letter C names. In fact, she was about to say that Carl said "Judy, Judy, Judy," but Bay reminded her that that was an entirely different Cary. In any case, Amy regrets that she misquoted Carl and she's going to go eat some crow now.
Episode FIFTY-SEVEN - Top Design Special - March 14, 2007
Let's face it, we're torn. One of us loves Top Design, but both of us really wish it would improve -- FAST. And as torn as we are, it appears that the judges are just as didactic. They say that "team playing" is important, but then they espouse the virtues of individual expression. So which is it? Should the contestants be rude and shout, or should they be polite and "realize the team vision?" Here's an idea: Let's just all play NICE!
Episode FIFTY-FIVE - Top Design Special - March 7, 2007
Despite numerous technical difficulties -- not the least of which is figuring out which judge had the "bad hair week" -- Bay and Amy persevere and hold a homegrown cat fight about this week's Top Design episode, "Garage Band." Was it a fabulous episode? Or was it just more of the same-old, same-old? Was Michael the top cat, or the cat's meow? And by the way, what *kind* of dog wants to be on wheels? Kelly should know! And how is that family going to feel about that mini-stage in five or six years?
Episode FIFTY-ONE - Top Design Special - February 21, 2007
An insanely wealthy group of design students get the post-college living space of a lifetime, thanks to the 8 remaining designers and their $500 garage-sale budget. And talent! Let's not forget, years of education and experience are forming these 12x12' living spaces! So why do so many rooms look similar? And why is it the bad ones really stand out? Does Ryan spend a lot of time in arcades? Or prisons? And how does Michael define "clean and bright," anyway? We can't believe who won the challenge, and we're saddened by the loser. Bravo Network, could you please redefine the reality TV rules?
Episode FORTY-NINE - Top Design Special - February 14, 2007
Our third Top Design Glitz Blitz is a quick one, thanks to the challenge being a team one. With only three designs to dish about, we're short of chat and long on complaining about the beach. OK, that's just Bay. Still, we weren't one with the judges on this decision. And we definitely think Carisa had the right idea bout how to spend time on the beach if you simply must be there! Next week: We can't wait to see Kelly's hair!
Episode FORTY-SEVEN - Top Design Special - February 7, 2007
While Bay runs a fever and feels weepy about lots of stuff, Amy keeps a level head and introduces new intro music. We wish we could have taken listeners' suggestions, but we're too cheap to pay ASCAP fees! But let's get down and dirty -- what's up with John's flooring problems? Did Elizabeth forget about secondary and tertiary colors? Has Ryan been sniffing the paint? And should Carisa duct tape the extra pillows to the sharp corners? In stark contrast to the wild panic Matt wielded at meeting his "client," we surely did love his finished product! Way to pull it together, Matt! But in sad, sad news (especially to feverish and over-emotional Bay), we had to say goodbye to a favorite drama queen. Can we get a tissue, please?
Episode FORTY-FIVE - Top Design Special - January 31, 2007
Amy and Bay run through a Glitz Blitz as fast as their little voices -- and Skype -- will carry them! It's the premiere of a whole new Bravo reality series, and we're so excited, we could die laughing. From the too-quick introductions of twelve contestants, through Todd Oldham's MC'ing capabilities, to the faaaaaaabulous judges -- who could ask for more to dish about? Not us! So it's a recap and a couple of editorials, all in one.