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Project Runway Season 5 Episodes

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Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO - Project Runway Special - October 15, 2008
It's the end of the season, and the end of our wondering who's going to take home the trophy. And we have a special piece of collaborative podcasting with Epilonious and his friends! It's kind of a split decision for us, and we're torn about who should have won. Maybe there should have been a tie! That would've been fun. One thing's for certain -- that guest judge is *delicious*!
  • Subscribe to Epilonious' They Don't Know podcast. He's saving the big fluffy gay couch for more fans like us!
  • Whenever we want to know what it's like to be behind the scenes at Bryant Park, we check out Blogging Project Runway and Project Rungay! They're both fabulous!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY - Project Runway Special - October 8, 2008
We're making up for the week we missed, and we are disagreeing vehemently about some of tonight's designs, decisions, and debates! Was it a conspiracy? Does that necessarily make this week's decision a bad thing? Are you singing about bicycles built for two? Congratulations to Leanne, Korto, and Kenley -- and Jerell, we'll miss you!
  • Never skip a reunion show with Tom and Lorenzo!
  • Never go a week without Epilonious and the gang o' the big fluffy gay couch!
  • Check out our favorite example of model behavior with Karalyn!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT - Project Runway Special - September 24, 2008
From an animal survey of Mood Fabrics to a discussion of a dream Top 3, Amy and Bay are (as usual) running the gamut in their  PRS5 dish tonight. Which model is the best? Does Kenley really deserve the editing she's getting? Could Korto be any more unhappy with the challenge? And was Jerell robbed or not? So many questions! So much dishing!
  • Here's where Swatch lives!
  • Before the model melodrama unfolded, Amy was already enthralled by the model blog!
  • Pizza for Leanne: Ken's Artisan, at home in her very own Portland!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX - Project Runway Special - September 17, 2008
While Bay lounges on the plantation patio in the cool moonlight with only a lonely heron for company, Amy welcomes special guest Steve Friess to the weekly Grits to Glitz Project Runway analysis and commentary fest! Why has Project Runway kept darling Swatch from us for all this time?! And why doesn't Steve agree with everything Amy says?! It's crazy bizarro time on the ol' podcast, and we're loving it! Thank goodness Bay took a break from her low country sabbatical to call in with her input. You can do the same at 206-309-7232!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE - Project Runway Special - September 10, 2008
So Project Runway went all crazy and brought back all these designers who had already been auf'ed, so we got to see a bunch of people we had forgotten about. Well, not all of them! Actually, we enjoyed this episode a lot, and there was a party in a Planetarium. Which was pretty cool, but dark. Would we buy any of those outfits? Was Terri getting the bitch edit, or was she really just a bitch? And thank you, Bravo, for bringing back eye-candy Wesley for one episode! So many adorable moments in this ep!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE - September 3, 2008
For an episode that Bay declares is not her favorite, we surely did find a lot to discuss! From Heidi's curiously sudden affinity for demure dresses to a pair of culottes and all the way up to a crazy stewardess-like costume dress, we're just perplexed by this whole challenge. And is it just us, or were there fewer really great designs and a whole bunch of pretty blah outfits on the runway? Whatever; we are destitute that Stella is gone, but we loved her departing attitude. And of course, we have opinions about Leanne's second win!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO - August 27, 2008
It was a bizarre but fabulous episode of our favorite reality competition show, from the incredibly long elevator ride with voice overs to Heidi Klum's inexplicable assertion that a broken mirror affects her sex life. We were split about the fashion, but we agree on one important thing: We're definitely enjoying this season!

Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY - August 20, 2008
In an episode destined to become a longtime favorite for PR fans, we had drag queens trading bon mots with designers -- and besides Michael Kors and RuPaul, there were lots of actual drag queens as models! Amy and Bay indulge in a long dish session as a result. How much more could we love this season? It's so refreshing to return to fabulous! Bravo, Bravo! And finally, we've got a promo on this episode from the fabulous Peter/Epilonious of the They Don't Know podcast. It's all like a meeting of Project Runway minds, isn't it?
  • If you, like Bay, can't come up with your own clever drag queen name, you can always use the generator.
  • Remember Chris March's fabulous Cruella costume? You can revisit it here!
  • As always, we're wondering what Tom & Lorenzo are going to have to say about this brilliant ep on their fabulously bitchy blog, Project Rungay!
  • And our dear friend Peter is definitely pulling out all the stops -- and two new friends -- on They Don't Know scrappies!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT - Project Runway Special - August 16, 2008
Our Project Runway recap was held hostage by the Internets this week, but good things are worth waiting for, right? Enjoy!

Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX - Project Runway Special - August 6, 2008
Was that a crazy big-ass hat or what? Amy and Bay are still dying to thin out the herd a little so we can be sensible about our comments. But darn it, we didn't mean for it to go quite the way it went in Project Runway's fourth episode! From shirtless strutters to catwalk divas, we're pretty sure Tim didn't say, "Designers, fight over the fabrics. Make it work! Designers, stake out your own personal sewing machines. Carry on!" But fortunately for us, the designers thought he did. Lucky for us -- more drama!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR - Project Runway Special - July 30, 2008
Neither rain nor power outages nor sleet nor even Weinstein Company revelations could keep us from our appointed post-PR gab session! Thank heaven Amy took notes so she could keep Bay in the know. Congrats to the winner and a little bit of a lament for the auf'ed one -- we'll miss you, Emily! Give us some gab, y'all! Call 206-309-7232 to tell us we're crazy if we like straight hems, or email us at, or We love our listeners!!!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO - Project Runway Special - July 23, 2008
From listener feedback to love for the models' shopping expedition, this is a long podcast because darn it, the episode was so far-fetched. Or should we say fetching? There were juicy moments -- and fabulous meltdowns. In the end, we were split on the winner. And we still haven't figured out what we thought about the auf'ed designer. Call us to leave short voice mail quips at 206-309-7232! And help us figure out whether Blayne is obnoxolicious or just orangelicious!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY - Project Runway Special - July 16, 2008
Project Runway is back! Season 5 kicked off under cover of darkness, and almost without our noticing. But darn it, we want to like it! We really do! And we want to know if there's a tanning competition between the judges and the contestants, and we're always amazed at how hard it is to keep everyone straight in the early weeks of a run. Who's that girl? You tell us! Congratulations to Kelli and best wishes to Jerry, who was outrageously robbed! Email us at, or And leave us voicemail at 206-309-7232!
  • So who is Kathy Griffin getting to make her Halloween costume? Our fingers are crossed for Chris March!
  • As always, Blogging Project Runway is our one stop shop for all things Project Runway!
  • And when we need the finest in bitchery, Tom and Lorenzo are our go to guys!