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Project Runway Season 4 Episodes

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Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN PR - Project Runway Special - March 5, 2008
OK, we weren't surprised. Well, sorta. We still thought Rami had a fighting chance until 10 minutes into the finale, at which point we both read the writing on the wall. Another season of Project Runway wraps up, and while the winner is almost as disappointing as the guest judge, we're glad we didn't have to judge the runway. Now can we get back to normal podcasting? Because we would much rather dish about fabulous Las Vegas headliners like Bette Midler than model-starving designers like Christian!
  • We're sure Tom & Lorenzo will have wonderful things to say about the season finale on Project Rungay!
  • We always love the team at Blogging Project Runway, and they've done such great things for the Internet community of PR watchers!
  • And finally, we love love love Jay McCarroll and wish we could have sat with him during the show at Bryant Park!
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWELVE PR - Project Runway Special - February 27, 2008
Special guest caller Sean in Arkansas asks this week's question, but you know we thought it, too! We just dish a bit about the final competition between Chris and Rami, and darn it, we think the judges were biased. So now we don't really care who wins the final showdown. Ho hum. Can Bravo please cast some more interesting designers for Season 5? Does Bay have to watch Top Design Season 2? Is Amy's puppy Lola going to critique any designer gowns? These questions and more may or may not be answered on this week's episode of... Grits to Glitz!
  • Whenever you need a laugh, Tom and Lorenzo deliver on Project Rungay. Especially with posts like this!
Episode ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN PR - Project Runway Special - February 20, 2008
Why didn't any designer behave like Lupé! We're a little bit rambly and sorta fierce, and we kinda think Project Runway Season 4's reunion show was a big deal. So we dished about the dishing and the pouting, the name-calling and the unchecked emotions, and exactly who was the bitch, anyway? Bay gets to quote Mel Brooks, and Amy just saw Bette Midler, so we're definitely up to date on our diva thoughts! Can't wait 'til next week's PR!

Episode ONE HUNDRED TEN PR - Project Runway Special - February 13, 2008
Five designers left! One art museum! Three departments full of inspiration! One bag o' crazy and three big bags o' puffy sleeves equals...!!! One flock o' feathery inspiration? Wait a second, there was only one set of puffy sleeves. OK, maybe we're not the best at math, but we do love the Project Runway! We especially loved Roberto Cavalli. Oh, what a wonderful judge! This was such an exciting episode, and we had such a great time dishing about it. Can't wait to hear what you think! Call us and comment -- 206-309-7232!
Episode ONE HUNDRED NINE PR - Project Runway Special - February 6, 2008
We wanna hang out with Christian and his wrestling alter-ego! We also want to hear Tim Gunn refer to "Green Acres" more often, and we totally love whatever Chris is making, whether it's leopard-print spandex or not. We loved this episode! So do our listeners, and we had some great listener voice mail in the last couple of weeks. So who's going to Bryant Park? We'll find out sooner than next Wednesday, but just like regular PR viewers, we're pretending like we don't have the inside scoop! (P.S. -- Gotta send some love to that bitch Michael Kors -- work it out, pope!)
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVEN PR - Project Runway Special - January 23, 2008
Oh, my gosh, how we loved Sweet P's exhibitionism! Tonight's PR episode was super exciting with lots of action and angst. Bay really identified with Christian -- didn't you? And honestly, at this point, we're ready to ride along with the judges' decisions. We think Tom & Lorenzo of the Project Rungay blog have it all right: There's nothing wrong with this season except the excitement of fresh, young, untried, untested, and desperate talent. And we laughed really hard about something, but you'll just have to listen to the show to find out what exactly!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SIX PR - Project Runway Special - January 16, 2008
Isn't Amy fabulous? No, isn't Bay fabulous?! No, YOU are fabulous! We love that Michael Kors for giving us an excuse to gush about something! Amid accusations that we're too mean, Bay is just mad because she didn't have any excuses for being really mean tonight. We're surprised by the auf'ing, and we disagree with the winner, but really, Christian was really well-behaved tonight and totally adorable in certain moments. Amy is worried because she doesn't have a "favorite" designer, but Bay remembers old seasons when she didn't have a favorite, and she's OK with waiting to fall in love with a designer. (Pssst... why didn't anyone notice that this was a three-Tim-Gunn-visits ep? Delicious!) Listen to The Daily Purge! Read Blogging Project Runway! Read Project Rungay! And for heaven's sake call us and let us know what you think! Are we too sweet, or does Jack deserve a lashing?
  • Listen to The Daily Purge! They're fabulous, and they're much nicer than we are.
  • Read Tom & Lorenzo's intelligent and delicious PR dishery!!! (We really do love them more than Michael Kors.)
  • And when you really want to hang out with the nice kids, they get no nicer than the gang at Blogging Project Runway. Smooches, bitches!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIVE PR - Project Runway Special - January 9, 2008
Whether it's big hair or big drama, we're lovin' tonight's glorious episode of Project Runway. We saw a return to good, old-fashioned, whiny designer drama! And we love it! So while we're trying to decide whether to dish about our own prom dresses (perfect, by the way, and completely tasteful, elegant and stylish) or our prom dates (ehhhh, not so perfect), the remaining eight designers threw a great, big, beautiful bitch fest for our delectation. Can't wait to hear what you think! Call us at 206-309-7232, and maybe we'll play your comments on the show! You can join the ranks of some of our favorite listeners -- whose messages help us round out our thoughts about last week's PR!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FOUR PR - Project Runway Special - January 2, 2008
It's back, it's back, it's finally back! And, oh, goodness gracious -- was it duller than usual this week? Or is Bay just having a mental breakdown due to tweeting birds? We've got some great dish from listeners and friends -- you guys rock! Since this week's episode was so lacking in drama, Amy and Bay have a few suggestions for ways to make the show more interesting. Anyone want to see flaming dresses being juggled? We would even throw in a unicycle! Seriously, tune in to see whether we agree or disagree with the judges' decisions!
  • As always, check out the latest in positive PR news and gossip, community and camaraderie on Blogging Project Runway!
  • Tom & Lorenzo dish up faaaaaabulous snark on Project Rungay (and they give away great stuff, too!)
  • We were going to suggest some other PR podcasts, but Tim's still not recording one. Sniffle!
  • And don't forget the latest snarkfest! We're still lovin' Project Stunway!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THREE PR - Project Runway Special - December 30, 2007
Visions of sugarplums? Not Bay and Amy! We were dreaming of a Project Runway Christmas, and it's been so long since the last episode, we couldn't contain ourselves! Here's a bonus Glitz Blitz episode in which we ponder some deep Project Runway mysteries: Is Christian as bad as we've imagined? Is Tim Gunn really honest with us? Are we really so gullible as to be swayed by clever editing? Well...maybe. Thanks to some thought provoking voice mails from listeners, we have a lot to discuss, and it couldn't wait 'til the next episode of Project Runway airs!

Episode ONE HUNDRED TWO PR - Project Runway Special - December 12, 2007
Hurrah! Real women! Oh, wait. What? Oh! We! How could they?! And then a pimple was the downfall of...really? But the good news're kidding me! We're all aflutter about this action-packed episode. Be sure to drop us a line at amy or or give us a call at 206-309-7232.
Episode ONE HUNDRED ONE PR - Project Runway Special - December 5, 2007
OK, look: Tonight's episode of Project Runway was crazy. We know it, you know it, the designers know it, and we bet Bravo knows it, too.  It was wild and hairy. And we have lots to say about it, but we're conflicted and we're really wondering -- if we podcast this fast every episode, it's hard to form coherent opinions. Except this: We Know The Judges Were Wrong Tonight. We disagree. Strongly. And those were some nasty-ass trends forced upon poor, unsuspecting designers this week. We're just saying. Is all.
  • Stop picking on Blogging Project Runway! It's brilliant, positive, uplifting, and informative! So, bitches, quit the negative!
  • And one of our new favorite blogs shouldn't be missed: Check out Project Stunway!
  • But as always, we can't wait to see what Tom and Lorenzo will have to say about tonight's ep!
Episode ONE HUNDRED PR - Project Runway Special - November 28, 2007
We're still trying to figure out how to make a podcast short, and darn it, with all these designers and all their fabulously interesting designs, it's just impossible! So we're up to our eyebrows in drama this week, which Bay loved, and the judges didn't kick off the wrong person, which Amy loved. Although Bay wished they didn't kick off anyone. And Amy wished someone else had been in the top 2. And darn it, why are they doing a menswear challenge, anyway? But it was fun! Someone brought a big bag of crazy and left it all over the workroom floor!
  • Get Carmen's book about deconstructing t-shirts, and learn from one of this season's contestants. Carmen, we're gonna miss you!
  • Always remember to check Blogging Project Runway. (Ooh, the great stuff they find out over there!)
  • And we hang on every word uttered by Tom and Lorenzo at Project Rungay!
Episode NINETY-NINE PR - Project Runway Special - November 21, 2007
Don't you love how quickly things can change at the start of a new season? Amy's done an about face on one designer's work, and Bay has made her choice for the designer most likely to find employment in Idaho. Bring your hankies and settle in for an analysis of design on a dime, Project Runway style!
  • As always, Blogging Project Runway and Project Rungay are the two indispensable sources of all things PR!
  • Join us for our big 100th episode celebration! We'll be recording with a live audience for the first time, and you can join us on Saturday, November 24 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time, 2:00 p.m. Eastern. Take part in the live chat at!
Episode NINETY-EIGHT PR - Project Runway Special - November 14, 2007
We're overwhelmed with the opening night of Project Runway Season 4, but we still manage to totally disagree about who's the craziest new contestant, and Bay gets grossed out. Regardless, Heidi looks fabulous this season, Tim is by far the best part of PR (and the viewers voted and agree!), and we can't wait 'til Jillian opens her big bag of crazy and lets it all hang out. Go, Project Runway!
Episode NINETY-EIGHT - November 11, 2007
While waiting for our much-anticipated 100th show and the glorious singing of "Greasy Coffee Beans" sure to ensue, a catastrophe befell our voice mail line. WE LOST OUR OLD VOICE MAIL NUMBER! Gosh, now we have to remember a whole new number. And so do you, our fabulous listeners! So we practiced saying it a lot in Episode 98. 206-309-7232! Call us and sing "Greasy Coffee Beans" for our hundredth show! Amy is still singing other tunes -- she got to see James Taylor in Las Vegas. Hear her review of the Mandalay Bay event arena! Hear Bay call Amy some foul names! Project Runway Season 4 is almost upon us -- eeeee! We can't wait, we can't wait, we can't wait for Wednesday night! And finally, Amy is a con artist -- she auctioned off a dollar bill for more than a couple of dollars. Crazy! But no crazier than our new voice mail number, which, just to say it again, is 206-309-7232. Give it a try! And while you're at it, be ready to sing.