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Project Runway Season 3 Episodes

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Episode TWENTY-THREE - Project Runway Special - October 18, 2006
For a couple of totally speechless, incredibly disappointed chicks, Bay and Amy managed to talk about the Season 3 Finale of Project Runway for 37 minutes! Find out which designer had the best music, which designer got the most applause, and the mystery of cramming all the family members in the green room!

Episode TWENTY-ONE - Project Runway Special - October 11, 2006
Lots of Tim Gunn scenes make Amy and Bay very happy! Cute Michael, fabulous Frank the Turtle -- er, we mean, Laura -- Uli's East German monologue went on too long, and Jeffrey is nicer when he's around his baby boy. Amy declares a new favorite, and Bay conveys a surprisingly pro-Jeffrey stance. We can't wait until next week -- can't wait, can't wait at all!

Episode TWENTY - October 8, 2006
Two weeks since the last regular show makes for a lot of chat! Amy and Bay rehash some of the last footnotes from the reunion show on Project Runway, and then they compare car notes from one side of the country to the other. Bay gives a brief report on her Disney World trip (faboo, dahlings) and Amy did some major studying at the Portable Media Expo -- but neither of them bought the souvenirs they wanted! Help Amy with her documentary, and check out a geek's favorite podcast, "Diary of a Shameless Self-Promoter." The Lame-O Food Segment consists of exotic fare outside the Glitz girls' usual haunts -- Bay dishes up a great twist on creme brulee, while Amy indulges in Greek food!

Episode NINETEEN - Project Runway Special - October 4, 2006
Bay dashes home from vacation just in time to watch the reunion special and turn over a new, gentler, kinder leaf...or at least that's the plan. Whose laugh is offensive? Bay is ready to take on Tim Gunn in a vocabulary contest, but we'd have to make her mad first. And how could she ever be mad at Tim Gunn?! Drama, drama, and more drama round out this episode of Grits to Glitz!
  • Find kindred spirits at Blogging Project Runway!
  • Tom and Lorenzo always find the perfect way to say just what we wanted to say at Project Rungay.
  • Two more weeks to go! Don't forget the official Project Runway site. Those bonus videos are full of valuable information.

Episode EIGHTEEN - Project Runway Special - September 27, 2006
Not rain nor snow nor animated mice nor the inability to even watch the show will keep Bay from dishing the Project Runway dirt with Amy. Bay interrupts her vacation to discuss whether Jeffrey is truly a romantic at heart, whether Nazri could make a potato sack look good, and whether Bravo was able to completely surprise us with the finalists.

Episode SIXTEEN - Project Runway Special - September 20, 2006
Amy and Bay hash out the tragedy of no new episode, but notice that this gives a chance to review our favorites, anyway. The commercials on Bravo are hinting at four finalists showing entire lines at Fashion Week, and Amy and Bay talk about their Fantasy Top Four, which is only half lined up with Bravo's top four. We discuss the bloggers and the Fabulous Gay Boys who keep us tuned in every week, and we finish up with a lot of hope for next week's episode!
Episode FOURTEEN - Project Runway Special - September 13, 2006
"Make new friends, but keep the old" must have been a camp song for the Project Runway producers, because we're thrilled to see some old friends in this fun-filled episode! Amy and Bay question the timeline of the production schedule, give props to Michael (our fave!), and still wonder why the judges take it so easy on mean old Jeffrey. And why can't we get any reliable spoilers?? The tension is killing us!
Episode TWELVE - Project Runway Special - September 6, 2006
G2G's Episode 12 is Project Runway's Episode 9! Not a lot of surprises, except for Jeffrey's pyrotechnics skills. Michael, we have faith in you!

Episode TEN - Project Runway Special - August 30, 2006
Well, it's official -- we've gone overboard for Project Runway! From Vincent's craziness to Angela's gentle craftiness, we are still agreeing on one thing: It would be SO COOL to travel to Paris with Tim Gunn! Kudos to our favorite designer, predictions for the Final 3, and a whole lot of despair that the judges missed a golden opportunity to "auf" Jeffrey. Why is Laura showing so quickly? All this and more!
Episode EIGHT - Project Runway Special - August 23, 2006
Special edition! Grits to Glitz is dishing the Project Runway dirt on a more timely basis now -- Wednesday night, as soon as the show wraps! You'll get all our thoughts, from loving the designers' moms to cursing about the jerks. Get the scoop, hot off the presses, no need to wait!
Episode SEVEN - August 20, 2006
Project Runway chat -- don't say "fat"!!!! -- and the addictive nature of Stuff On My Cat! Amy's got a new computer and scooty new chair, but Bay behaved herself at the DMV. An "only in Las Vegas" moment; "Dancing With the Stars" pre-season dish session; and the newly renamed Glitz Hit is wicked fine show! Finally, Amy reviews a fast food restaurant, and we got some listeners' sibling stories to share! The contest rolls on.....
Episode SIX - August 14, 2006
Lots of old business, from Project Runway's Tim Gunn insider gossip to the coolness of last week's 5 Questions Podcast! Our Meals of the Week consist of a darned good Las Vegas buffet and a totally wretched "Don't Eat Here With or Without Bay" East Tennessee tourist trap. How much do we love this week's Podcast of the Week? TONS! And finally, we play some listeners' sibling stories and beg for more, more, more!
Episode FIVE - August 10, 2006
More love for Project Runway and the men who do/don't watch it with us! Amy and Bay both had yard situations of various sorts, and Bay suffered through the trauma of her first selling experience on eBay. But wait -- Amy brings home the Oscar for amateur filmmaking fun, and we continue telling our favorite sibling stories!

Episode FOUR - August 2, 2006
Theme? We don't need no stinking theme! Bay and Amy talk Vegas news, anticipate the big shocker on Project Runway, and compare and contrast entertainment options in Tennessee vs. Las Vegas. And there is great rejoicing over the very first voice mail!
Episode TWO - July 16, 2006
Dish the dirt about the Vegas premiere of Love vs. the E. TN season premiere of Project Runway, then listen as Bay and Amy talk about food! Check out our favorite Podcast of the Week, and find out how to enter our first contest!