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iTunes doesn't love us anymore

Well, drat. For some reason, iTunes decided we weren't a real podcast and they de-listed us from the iTunes store. If you search for us there, you won't find us. So what do you do if you want to subscribe?

Until we find a resolution to this problem and get ourselves re-listed on iTunes, you have a couple of options. You know you don't want to miss a single episode, right?! So subscribe, honey!

iTunes can be persuaded

If you love your iPod/iPhone and really want to use iTunes, you can add us manually. Our RSS feed is linked from that orange button over there on the left. Use iTunes or whatever RSS feed aggregator you like and enter the feed That feed is working (regardless of what iTunes says!) and you'll always get the latest episode.

Who needs iTunes, anyway?

If you have an Android phone, we recommend Beyond Pod, which you can find in the Google Play store. We're listed there, so you can just choose Add Feed, look us up, and G2G your way to happiness!

We'll let you know if we can persuade Apple to love us again, like they did for six years or so. In the meantime, these subscription methods should keep us in your ears!