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Episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE - November 8, 2015
Folks, it was a struggle to get this episode recorded, so we're just gonna leave this here. Links? We don't need no stinkin' links! Enjoy this episode and call us so we can play your message and kill Skype!

Episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT - October 29, 2015
In this special episode of Grits to Glitz, Amy and Bay try to decide on the best reading for the marriage of Miles Smith and Steve Friess. Sometimes the joy is so great, the right words are hard to find.

Episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN - October 18, 2015
Yamy went to Pawn Donut and Coffee and Bay went to the hospital to have her innards re-grouted. We're going to have to have strong words with that Woodrow! Anyway, Bay is going to be fine, and Amy is going to continue to enjoy living in Las Vegas. This show went all over the place because we were worried the Skype session would die at any moment! Come check it out. Should we drink whilst recording? Maybe! (Maybe we should drink *more*.) Call us! 44-222-96269!
Episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX - October 4, 2015
Lest you think we've deserted you, please know that we've been trying our best to podcast. We've just been failing miserably. Here's what we eked out this week. We'll try again next week! Promise!

Epiaode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE - September 6, 2015

Episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR - August 23, 2015
Don't feed the insecure writer!!! But if you do like Bay's show descriptions, let her know. Otherwise, she'll just keep entertaining herself. Amy went to Tennessee!!! Bay cooked all week long! Peach vodka is awesome! Lana is looking for a prince in a toad, when she should be seeking frogs! Vocabulary Vixen drops in for a visit! And Pride 48 is less than a week away, woo hoo! Call us at 44-222-96269!
Episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE - August 5, 2015
Yeah! We're back. Everyone thinks they have to go to the hospital like Bay! (Including Bay.... as it turns out.) Little Aussie Battler noticed that *someone* set the Cosmopolitan deck on fire. (Cough, cough, not us, we swear! OK, maybe...) Amy is heading to Tennessee just in time to catch all the fun car shopping news! Bay's got a Blue Apron report! And finally, we loved the movie Trainwreck. Didn't you? Bill Hader, nom nom!!!! Email us!

    * Blue Apron has heavenly recipes!
    * Little Aussie Battler has a heavenly podcast!
    * You know we love the Cosmopolitan resort.
    * So when we say it's HOT HOT HOT....
    * OK, we didn't really mean *that* way!
    * Car shopping.
    * OK, Bay got drunk and forgot to look up a link for "car shopping"
    * Stop judging Bay! Have a cocktail.
    * Holy crap! Here's a link for car shopping!
    * Website bonus: Dogs sexting. ROFL!!!
    * We love our dogs. Stop looking at us like that.

Episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO - June 28, 2015
It's a crazy show (duh!) because we're so happy, we're giddy and gabby! Yay, SCOTUS! Yay, #LoveWins! Yay, new towels! Wait. What? Oh, yeah, yay, new towels! Bay is looking forward to Blue Apron deliveries, and Amy is looking forward to her vacation in Tennessee. And she's looking for a new housesitter, too. Have you looked at We have! Call us at 44-222-96269!
Episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE - June 14, 2015
Do you know the way to San Jose? Amy does! She treated herself to a birthday weekend seeing Satyr from The Satyrsphere podcast in "The Addams Family." Now Amy pines to get back onstage herself! Bay fills us in on the haps in the cardiac rehab fitness club, including proper attire, and while Amy wants a Fitbit, Bay just wants cupcakes. Email us!! Bonus content: Amy reviews Dasani Infusions!
Episode TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY - May 25, 2015
Do you like my hair? Yes! Here's to GRITS* and glitz and good haircuts and a week in fabulous Las Vegas, starring Lana the French bulldog! It's an extra-long episode packed with some old business and a whole bunch of new business. Leave us voice mail at 44-222-96269! (That's 442-229-6269, or 442-BAY-N-AMY, too.)
*GRITS = Girls Raised In The South
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE - April 26, 2015
Whose turn is it to be dramatic? Amy's! No, it's still Bay's turn! No, it's Lana's turn! Oh, whoever's turn it is, they're being dramatic. We got musical voice mail! Bay failed a test, and Amy's house was a victim. We're going to see the Grand Canyon! Amy had a visitor who tried to steal the affections of Lana the fabulous Frenchie, and Amy's branching out into old/new gambling games. Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT - April 12, 2015
What's wrong with you? Well, if you're Bay, there's no way of knowing! But we're working on it! New listener Erin checks in via email -- you're welcome to do so, too, at, y'know! What do you know about anemia? New feature: Retread Text Theatre! as performed by Amy and Bay, via the Interwebs! Do you still get cable, or have you joined the 21st century like Amy? Bay gives a short report on Townsend, TN, in springtime, and Amy flew the Slotzilla zip line on Fremont Street! Call us at 44-222-96269!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-SEVEN - March 29, 2015
Wouldn't you know if it you bought $40 worth of socks? You might know if it were an auction! Listen, y'all, this is one of our crazier episodes. We gabbed about everything from sock auctions to French bulldog farts and right on up to "The Sound of Music" and drones. We dished Nacho Daddy, March Madness, gambling, and volunteering for NPR fund drives. Why, we even talked about penis transplants. Can't stand it? Neither can we! Check out our links at! Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX - March 15, 2015
So much happening, it's hard to get it all in one paragraph! Amy has been a gad-about, flitting from one only-in-Las-Vegas event to another, and shopping a lot in between. Bay has continued her "oh, woe is me" thing, but a bright spot showed up in dark, furry cuteness to make it all worthwhile. Hovercrafts and Vocabulary Vixen! Voice mail pours in! Call us at 44-222-96269!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE - March 1, 2015
It's story time! What happens when you Google your childhood sweetheart's name? Bay can tell you that this makes her legal assistant instincts go into overdrive. Amy has a Lana report, and the Vocabulary Vixen is here to lead you to enlightenment. Call us at 442-229-6269 (a.k.a., 44-222-96269) or write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR - February 14, 2015
Hey! We're back! Sorry for the long break, but we're gifting you (and ourselves) with a fabulous piece of music to make up for the long wait in between episodes. Warning! It's explicit. Like, seriously, really explicit. Because ... pickle. Amy has a new best friend! Bay has a trip to plan! We get voice mail now! 44-222-96269! Oh, OK, that's really (442) BAY-N-AMY, or (442) 229-6269. Sing! Sing a filthy song!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE - January 18, 2015
Do ya wanna call us? NOW YOU CAN!!!! We have voice mail! 442-BAY-NAMY, which is also (442) 229-6269, which Amy likes to pronounce, "44-222-96269"! While you're at it, please leave us a review on iTunes, and help us invest in our future. Speaking of futures, Amy's into Acorns, and Bay's getting retirement investments from work soon. Which she loves. Have we mentioned? Bay loves her job. Amy got a dash cam! Take that, Mother Russia! And we're not wearing our pajamas to Walmart, sorry, People of Walmart. We'll never be on your site. Hey! Give a listen to Greetings to Nowhere! It's cool! And as always, write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO - January 5, 2015
It's episode 272, for real this time! Amy and Bay have survived the holidays and are more than ready to leap into 2015. It's gotta be better! We've been bowling, we've seen a movie or two, we're adding more Christmas music to our list of favorites, and we're planning to help Bay fake an illness next Christmas eve. Write to us!!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE - December 24, 2014
It's a Grits to Glitz holiday special! We're just dishing about our favorite holiday things -- movies, songs, TV specials, fond Christmas memories, and holidays we wish we could forget. Join us for a long, reminiscent show! Write to us at or send us a sound file to play on the air. Happy Holidays, y'all!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY - December 14, 2014
Have you pushed anyone off the top of a building lately?

Amy has! Tonight's episode has us discussing everything from silk scarves and eBay sellers' customer service to dog clothes, dogs, Belgian bistros, Pink Wheelnuts podcast, the Stratosphere, the SLS casino, Serial podcast and its devotees, and MailChimp, even though Bay doesn't know what that is. Join us for a slightly longer-than-usual show! Tell us what you think of -- well, gosh, anything! -- at
Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE - November 30, 2014
Grits to Glitz is back on iTunes! How do we celebrate? By getting together in the same place for a holiday that involves awesome food and cocktails!!! 2014 has been a heck of a year for us, but we're back on iTunes, upgrading some of our websites, and working on getting better voice mail. In the meantime, join us in listening to audio books and fabulous podcasts, reading great articles, worrying about everyone's animals, and watching movies that will not leave you. (Can you believe that plot twist?!?!) Plus Vocabulary Vixen makes an appearance to advocate for overlooked consonants! Write to us at or! Don't forget to check our website for links and bonus material!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT - November 9, 2014
At least we can laugh about it -- now. But our October -- after a pretty cruddy 2014 already -- was really crappy. From bad hair (we already did the squirrel joke LAST time!), through pet deaths, co-worker health disasters, and terrifying elevators, and right on up to hiring lawyers to deal with our sister's estate -- wow! What a haunting month that was! But then there's a happy, happy ending with a birthday present that makes everything all right. Write to us at or!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN - September 28, 2014
We're getting better about podcasting! Amy went on a trip, and Bay was in a wreck! Amy saw quality theatre; Bay played like Erin Brockovich! Bay wants to get beautified; Amy does something about it every single month! Don't call us. Write to us!,, or!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX - September 7, 2014
We're back! We have good excuses, too. Dog ate our homework, there was a traffic jam on the interstate, a natural disaster occurred. Well, the last definitely applies! Anyway, we're back with tales of woe and destruction, disease and dentistry, and general merriment despite the crud that fate threw our way this summer of 2014. Can you forgive us for not podcasting? We're back, we promise! Email us at or!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE - May 11, 2014
Seriously! We were wondering. And while we're at it, have you been shopping for strange stuff lately, or is it just us? How do we get ducks out of Amy's pool? Do you love sushi? Do you mind if we curse a lot? And is it OK to embrace the gray? Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR - April 20, 2014
Bay's in a play! Bay's in a play! Come to Knoxville and see her in a play! Amy recaps "Project Runway: Under the Gunn" for us (yay for happy endings!), and we have the Satyrsphere podcast, ducks, socks, and Jesus to dish about, too. Yes, it's a fairly typical show. Call us at (206) 309-7232, and leave us a love bomb!
            *(Note: OK, that was not what we meant when we talked about balloon Jesus, but it's awesome, anyway.) Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE - March 23, 2014
You'll have to tell us how we're doing! Write to us at! But first you must listen to us worry over Freud's theories, first jobs and how comfy they aren't, Amy's escaping scarf, things that smell like smoke, and doodles aren't for dummies! Sheesh, now I need a drink...
Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO - March 11, 2014
Who's ready for a sing-along?! WE ARE!!! It's a weird week, but we do not want to podfade or skip an episode, so here's a short trip through Grits to Glitz' favorite podcast-related songs. And a couple of stories! Like Bay's gambling addiction, and how much we enjoyed being guests on Fey's The Pink Wheelnuts Podcast! Give us a call! (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE - February 23, 2014
Hey! Bay swears like a sailor, and y'all noticed! She won't do it again, promise. Well, not much, anyway. Amy went to the nifty new Las Vegas Container Park! Bay saved Valentine's Day for her boss! Amy bought more scarves! Bay hardly cursed at all, and Amy has taken her powerful speed demon of a scooter on the interstate! *No podcasters were hurt in the recording of this episode. Call us at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED SIXTY - February 9, 2014
Gotta get down on Friday! Wait, this isn't Friday. Well, it's Grits to Glitz, anyway, and we have tons to chat about! More olive oil chat, and Taylor Hicks, our friends' comings and goings, and what we wrap around our necks. Email us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE - January 20, 2014
Didja head out on the highway? If you did, you're hangin' with Amy now! We had a podcastapalooza all by ourselves, judging from the wide range of topics we covered. Scooters, pork chops, olives, olive oil, roller coasters, bed bugs (don't let 'em bite!), Vanderbilt's medical facilities, Harley Davidson motorcycle classes, and leaving the lights on for a year at a time. Good heavens! It must be Grits to Glitz. Our voicemail is (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT - January 6, 2014
We went to podcast land and all we got was this fabulous podcast! OK, that might be the drinks talking. Anyway, we finally found out what was wrong with Bay's tree, we worried about Amy's helmet hair, and we smell marvelous. Seriously! Vocab Vixen makes a holiday visit thanks to a beloved listener's pique, we need to unlock our phones with our faces, and sheep might come equipped with doorbells. We're not sure. Holler at us!!
Episode TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN - December 22, 2013
Dear Listeners: Tonight Bay goofed.There was a gaffe. A mistake. An error. A flub. She started with the question, "Can I complain about my Christmas tree again?" And then we didn't talk about Bay's sub-par, super-fat Christmas tree. It's a Freudian slip. Who wants to talk about morbidly obese Douglas firs? No one. We all want to pretend that doesn't happen in America. So that's what we did tonight. But that tree is struggling with a weight problem. And next January, we'll have an intervention. If you want to hear about Christmas prep, new Vespas, and movies we want to see, go ahead and listen. Just don't expect to hear about Bay's chubby tree. Call us! (206) 309-7232!

Episode TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX - December 8, 2013
Knock, knock. Who's there? WE ARE, BITCHES!!!!!!! Yes! Amy and Bay are back, not with a Thanksgiving episode (because who's grateful for all the stuff that broke this year?), but with a generic gabfest. We're still sisters, and best friends, and people who love E TN, Las Vegas, and everyone and everything in between. Except homophobes and loud morons. Smart phones and smart TV's are outsmarting us! We lost stuff we love! We found stuff we love! And you can leave us voice mail at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE - August 24, 2013
It's the end of Bay's trip report to Amy's home in gorgeous Las Vegas! We really did a lot, so hold on to your iPods and listen as we talk about the Las Vegas Farmer's Market, Red Rock Canyon, Red Rock Casino, the Yard House gastropub, Penn and Teller, the Hoover Dam, FatBurger, and of course, the Stratosphere rides. Hey, we also went to the Pinball Hall of Fame! Email us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR - August 4, 2013
It's a Grits to Glitz travelogue! Bay took a newbie to Las Vegas to visit Amy, and good times were had by all. (Including the meteorologists!) Manhattan Express, Shark Reef, Aria, Cosmopolitan, Crystals, Caesars Palace, Sushi Roku and Comme Ca reviews feature heavily in this week's extra-long podcast. Did we see lots of Las Vegas? Oh, yeah, you betcha! Leave us voice mail at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE - July 7, 2013
Buckle your seatbelts, Glitzlings, this is going to be a bumpy podcast! Amy and Bay are a bit tipsy, a lot punchy, and full of fun things to talk about! From Amy's eyes (how are they?) to Bay's slightly crunched Prius (eek, no!) and all the way up to the dishes they've bought and whether they even know anyone who qualifies for a Senior Citizen Discount -- this is a crazy podcast. Aren't you glad? Write us a note at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO - June 23, 2013
Where, oh, where, are Amy's pupils? And how will we put them behind new glasses if we don't know how far apart they are? Ep 252 is a bit of a grab bag of goodness -- glasses, crazy glasses, Mel Brooks, Max Brooks, herbs, movies we want to see, and of course, our plans for when Bay gets to Las Vegas with a newbie in tow. Call us! 206-309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE - June 9, 2013
From ringtones to love bombs, we've got it all in this episode of Grits to Glitz. How do you like trip itineraries? What's your favorite Sugarhill Gang song? And it's not hoarding if you shred the playbill within four years, is it? Write to us at and let us know what your theme song is!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY - May 26, 2013
Bay didn't go to the beach! But everyone else did. Reports on Amy's trip to Hawaii, Bay's boys' trip to Edisto Island, a wedding on a yacht on the Tennessee River, volcanoes, DIY postage stamps, getting lei'ed... You get the picture. Typical Grits to Glitz gamut! Call us at 206-309-7232 and tell us to chill out!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE - May 12, 2013
Amy's living life to the fullest. She's flinging caution to the wind. Well, she's flinging something. It might be sort of green and have warts, and it probably threatened her fancy goldfish. Toads of the world, beware! Now, how do we get this onto the front page of Reddit? Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT - April 28, 2013
Welcome back to Grits to Glitz, the low-calorie, high protein podcast with lots of sugar substitute! And fish. We talked about fish a lot this week, like the fish in Amy's new fish pond and the sushi that definitely doesn't have too many calories for Bay's diet. Want some miso soup with that podcast? Call 206-309-7232 and tell us your favorite apps that make you feel young!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVEN - March 10, 2013
We want to live in George Jetson's house and drink his Las Vegas booze, oh, yes, we do. Don't you? Then this is Grits to Glitz! We're talking posh estates and cozy cabins in the mountains, cell phones and Internet radio, and we're even sparing some time for listeners who wrote to us with handy info! Grind up your greasy coffee beans, and let's dish! Write to us at!
  • Ancient History, Las Vegas style! (a.k.a. the Paradise Palms development)
  • The cavemen and women who inhabited this storied land! (a.k.a. the celebs who lived there)
  • Bay's smart phone (a.k.a. smarter than she is)
  • Booze, Las Vegas style! (a.k.a. Las Vegas Distillery)
  • Heaven in the mountains! (a.k.a. Amy's cabin - for rent)
  • Open the box, open it, open it! (a.k.a. Pandora Internet radio)
  • Oooo, new car audio system! (a.k.a. Amy's new radio)
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX - February 24, 2013
It's a teeny tiny itty bitty world, and Amy finally enjoyed it! Well, not really. But sorta. Amy went to a Disney park (Disney's California Adventure) and enjoyed it! This is major, y'all. Next year we're sending her to Orlando for a four-hour marathon of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. We're also enjoying frozen yogurt shops, plans for other vacation trips, and Great Danes who have puppies! How do you like your brain freeze? Tell us on our voice mail at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE - February 10, 2013
Where the heck have we been?! Oh, yeah, we were sick. Somewhat. That's OK, we're back in with a voice mail from a loyal listener, and we're dishing about scents (still!), guns (first time!), drag queens in Knoxville and great restaurants in Las Vegas, and oh, so much more. Who had which malady? Tune in to find out! Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-FOUR - January 6, 2013
It's a long Grits to Glitz after too many weeks absent! We had a lot of holiday reporting to do -- mostly about gifts, from bosses and sisters, and how that makes us feel. Bay is enjoying perfume and Fiestaware shopping, and Amy is making calls with her new phone. Why, Sprint, why hast thou forsaken 4G LTE in Vegas?! Sorry we were gone so long, but happy new 2013! Call our voice mail at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-THREE - December 8, 2012
It's a long Grits to Glitz, so get a beverage and join us while we dish about how Amy cannot wait to solve Bay's logic problems and broken spreadsheets, our Christmas shopping ideas, things that shoot at bugs, great telephone voices, Somersault Snacks, and Supertaster tests! It's a packed podcast. (And some things are gross.) Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO - November 27, 2012
It's our Thanksgiving show! What are you thankful for? It better not be anything gross like "family" or "health." We're thankful for smart phones, mail-order wine, dogs who play favorites, and so much more! Tell us what you think at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE - November 4, 2012
What do you mean, you didn't say anything? Amy and Bay have a bit to dish about, so here it is: Bubbly bulldog Lola won a Halloween costume contest. Also! The best thing about working in downtown Knoxville this month is the Grill at Highlands Row, and Amy had drinks with friends at the Downtown Cocktail Room in Las Vegas. We can't wait 'til Thanksgiving! Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY - September 30, 2012
It's the live Pride 48 show! Yes, that was weeks ago. We had such a good time, we're just now getting ourselves put back together! Now you can listen in on the fun as Amy had a wonderful show with a live Las Vegas audience, and Bay chimed in with football commentary in Tennessee. We still love Project Runway! And we gave away a "Love Is Love" t-shirt! Relive it with us, and let us know your thoughts at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE - September 9, 2012
One week until Pride 48, we're announcing our "Love is Love" t-shirt contest! Enter to win by sending us an email at or, and/or tune in Sunday, September 16 at 1:00 EST! Also, Trader Joe's hits Knoxville, "Wicked" in Las Vegas, and Project Runway Season 10 Episode 8. See you live in Las Vegas at Pride 48!

Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-EIGHT - September 2, 2012
More food rules! "Crying Game Brownies"! Oatmeal with raisins! Bitch, make a belt! Two episodes of Project Runway (a.k.a., "Evil Ven Twin" and "Crying Game, Part II"), and San Diego without penguins! It's the usual Grits to Glitz hodge-podge, and we have the guffaws to prove it. Call us at (206) 309-7232!!!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SEVEN - August 19, 2012
We're all about LGBT-friendly podcasting this week, from looking forward to Pride 48 to dishing about Project Runway. And hey! Dining shouldn't require post-graduate coursework! Fix a cocktail, pull up Rate the Runway on your tablet, and let's dish! Disagree with us? Send us a complaint at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX - August 12, 2012
We're still dishing about Project Runway Season 10, even though Bay skipped a whole show. And we're barely watching the Olympics, but we love diver Matthew Mitcham and judo girl Kayla Harrison. Which British event did you prefer, the royal wedding or the Olympics? Pride 48 is coming! And finally, Project Runway: Drama! Intrigue! Disappearances and quitters! Call us at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE - July 29, 2012
From baby bears to crazy hummingbirds, from blue nail polish to the Queen's chubby corgis, and right up to Project Runway Season 10, this week's episode is all about wild things! Oh, OK, really, they're very tame things. But they're still fun to talk about. Who made your top 3? Are the judges on drugs again? Let us know -- write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR - July 22, 2012
This week we talked about haiku, torturous undergarments, pretty cards, Rala in downtown Knoxville, peaches and avocados, how "Project Runway Season 10" totally surprised us, "The Road to the Runway," and yes, for the third time, "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World." (Because Bay finally, finally saw it, and we disagree with critics and most movie-goers; it's really good.) Wesley just asked, "Why do you write descriptions for the podcast?" This is why. Call us at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-THREE - July 15, 2012
Weather! We got lots and lots of weather! Also, Amy bought art, Bay took a walk on the wild side and visited a hookah lounge, and we love hummingbirds. Did we mention the weather? Please write to us at!
Grits to Glitz 232, take two! We heard from beloved listeners Steven S and Paul K; we talked about books 'n' movies, and we discussed strange high school jobs a bit more. It was so hot, it almost burst into flames! Not really; that was someone else's job. Amy had a less than fab experience at the Cosmopolitan, but that's OK, we still love the Wicked Spoon, and in Knoxville, it's OK to say gay. Honest! Call us at 206-309-7232!

Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-ONE - June 24, 2012
What's on your nightstand? Wait, that can be misconstrued. Hey! We held a podcast and talked about weird stuff. Oh, like we've never done that before! From old radio shows to the ways the weather affected a summer job, things we drink and stuff we read, and all the way up to the things we read things on, it's a gab fest on different sides of the continent. Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY - June 17, 2012
Graeter's ice cream, maxi dresses, Las Vegas weather, dogs in office buildings, lobster bisque, the buffet at the M Resort, slot machines, The Pitch, reality TV pitches, and our friend, the controversial Politico writer. What? It's just another Grits to Glitz! Call us at (2-oh-6) 3-oh-9 7232! Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-NINE - June 10, 2012
Gritty and glitzy things we talked about: Vandalism v. decorating, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Amy's birthday, Mundo Happy Hour, Borg Cubes, Jimmy Fallon, Carly Rae Jepsen, "Call Me Maybe," Target's t-shirts support gay marriage, Venetian's new video feature, cool car features, Infinitis v. Fiats, Zen mastery of parallel parking, Magpies, and possibly moving somewhere maybe. Lots of links and videos at!
If we were a legit Las Vegas podcast, this would be the episode to prove it. We have more news about the cool new Venetian attraction, and Amy has a report on the Heart Attack Grill as well as a return visit to Drink and Drag. Bay visited the Sequoyah Grille in Knoxville as well as Knoxville's rapidly growing First Friday. The Vocabulary Vixen soaks in praise for her dominatrix tendencies, and we want to name Kelley's molly [fish] babies. Plus! Nakey bosses! Profane greeting cards! And so much more! Email us at!
WE HAVE A SCOOP ABOUT LAS VEGAS! And... It's a really big show because we had so many fun things to discuss this week. Holidays, fish, naming things, listeners in Australia, the definition of the word "biscuit" (and an accidental recap of Bay's trip to the Biscuit Festival because it's really that big a deal), and Amy's going to Drink and Drag to see Pandora Boxx! We've also got garbage cans, great customer service, and the Vocabulary Vixen brought out the riding crop to inflict a little pain. Call us at 206-309-7232!

Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SIX - May 21, 2012
Keep your hot air balloons and rolling cheese wheels, thankyouverymuch -- Bay's got a festival that goes great with gravy! We've got some updates on stories near and dear to our hearts (koi ponds, the people who protect them, and filthy little shows in Las Vegas and the people who see them), as well as really important movie reviews ("Dark Shadows" and "The Avengers," of course, because we're so intellectual). Yamy saw "This American Life Live," which makes us want to see more modern ballet, and Bay pursued massive amounts of carbs. Because we know what's important in life for realz, y'all. Email us at!

Amy needs new kitchen appliances! Why? Because she's spending so much more time in there! We're worried about herons eating listener Donita's koi, and we think that New Jersey tanning mom looks like a baseball glove. (Get out of the tanning bed, ma'am!) Bay enjoys Oodles Uncorked, an award-winning wine bar on Market Square Knoxville, while Amy still wishes the Vocabulary Vixen would drop by with something grammatical. Call us at (206) 309-7232!

Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FOUR - April 29, 2012
It's a podcast! We talked entirely too much about entirely too little. But we do that every week, don't we? This week, we're re-capping the fun we had on the Pink Wheelnuts podcast with Fey Driver and Emergency Pants podcast gigglemeister Bridget; Amy confesses her deep, dark, secret-'til-now post-Prom encounter with McMinn County's finest; and Bay celebrates a year at her fabulous job. Email us at or or!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE - April 20, 2012
Bay was in Las Vegas with Amy! And then we chatted about our long weekend! Is Cosmopolitan the right amount of wrong? Is the M resort good enough to send government officials to a hearing? Call us at 206-309-7232!

Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-TWO - April 8, 2012
It's a special podcast! Especially if you love old TV shows. We're readying ourselves for Bay's trip to Las Vegas, and Amy is wishing she could take a cruise -- but not on the Titanic! Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE - April 1, 2012
Ah, spring! So many things to smell -- fabric softener, eau de toilette, coffee -- and other interesting things, like the stuff Bay picks up on her way home from work. What do you like to smell? Call us at (206) 309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY - March 27, 2012
Play "Draw Something"! Just don't draw Star Wars robots. Bay gets the best parking spot in Knoxville! And then we dished about the Project Runway All Stars finale. Complain about our late episode at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND NINETEEN - March 18, 2012
It's a Grits to Glitz hodge podge! Do you have trouble staying awake at work? Amy does. Bay's husband is suddenly tapping into both his wild side and his more domestic side. (Bring your fluorescent posters and favorite munchies, gang!) What do you collect, and are your local cashiers nice to you? Let us know at 206-309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN - March 11, 2012
We're back! And it's a longer episode, so if you're on the elliptical -- feel the burn. We give our vacation reports (from Cuban food to comic book characters), dish on Amy's bulldog's progress, ponder the definition of "holistic dentistry," and finally, criticize the thread out of Project Runway All Stars. Who else thinks we may need a bad guy after all? Write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN - February 26, 2012
Happy Mardi Gras! Yeah, we're a little late. Still! This week's show is truly fat with tales of our plans for trips (Townsend, TN, and New York City!), Restaurant Weeks in our fair cities, and lots of opinions on three whole episodes of Project Runway All Stars. (Austin's still there? Srsly?!) Thanks to Diane, Kyle, Steven, and our other fabulous listeners for keeping us entertained! Call us! 206-309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN - February 5, 2012
Look, we'll be honest: This episode, we bounced wildly from topic to topic, including, but not exclusive to: "boners," State Senator Asshat, State Sen. Asshat's expulsion from a tasty & tasteful Knoxville eatery (that we just talked about on the podcast!), JC Penney & Ellen, Bates stamping, pictures of hoohoos, Las Vegas Groupon vs. Knoxville Groupon, cool listeners, dresses that look like mucus, and, of course, Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Episode 5 and the Stupor Bowl. Call us! 206-309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN - January 29, 2012
And they call it...puppy love for a sweet new dachshund-lab mix, ahem, yeah, we got the short dog mix part wrong. But! We talked about other stuff that we didn't get wrong, like the gayest cities in America, Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan, the Main Street Station Casino buffet, Project Runway All Stars (whew! better ep this week!), stupid state legislators & their phone numbers (615-741-1766), and finally, the best thing about working in downtown Knoxville this week has something to do with a savory sweet snack. Email us at or!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN - January 22, 2012
Lots of listener love, Hip To Be A Square podcast, Wandering Abroad blog, Death Proof on DVD, Project Runway All Stars' inexplicably (and inexcusably) bad third episode, Amy's Uggs, stylish weddings, and more! Call us at 206-309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN - January 13, 2012
We're on with late birthday greetings, discussions of diet foods, and some really inaccurate history! (Gee, thanks, Bay, for checking deets after recording!) Anyway, why aren't we talking salads? I dunno! OceanSpray gives Crystal Light a run for its money, Depression-era reproduction fabrics trip our zizz wheel, and you know we dished about Project Runway All Stars. What did you think of the judging? Have you seen any ghosts lately? Call us at 206-309-7232 or write to us at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWELVE - January 8, 2012
Amy and Bay go a little long about a lot of things, including Googling, Waffle House, Christmas (which arrived on time whether we were ready for it or not), Christmas gifts that broke, "Project Runway All Stars," Netflix, "The IT Crowd," "Arrested Development," typing during podcasting, and Coolato Gelato. Yeah! It's a fully-packed podcast! Call us to tell us what you're most enjoying about PRAS! 206-309-7232!

Episode TWO HUNDRED AND ELEVEN - December 31, 2011
Hello. We recorded this before Christmas. We didn't publish it before Christmas. And here is our pre-Christmas episode, just in time for New Year's! We didn't take good notes and we don't know what links to include, so be prepared. There could be anything in here. Hope you enjoy it!

Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TEN - December 18, 2011
We're together for one weekend of Thanksmas joy and revelry! You might recognize the revelry when Bay forgets what the heck she was talking about. Anyway! Things we discussed, but not necessarily everything we discussed included: JFG coffee sign light bulbs, Knox Heritage, Magpie's bakery, Gatlinburg's Cherokee Grill, insane light shows outside of Knoxville, Sapphire (we've talked about it before, but it deserves another mention), and the Market Square Holiday Market, which is now over. Sorry, non-Knoxville visitors!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND NINE - December 4, 2011
In this week's show: Bark scorpions, delicate pet birds, mental monologue, the puppy with the hip dysplasia, Thanksmas/Chrisgiving, coyotes and pregnant stray cats, Postrio at the Venetian, and Savelli's in Knoxville! Call us at 206-309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHT - November 27, 2011
Brined turkey report; Las Vegas Thanksgiving; Comme Ca at the Cosmopolitan; things they'll put duck fat on; Black Friday is still crazy; blue one-eyed monsters; Stompeez; and thieves suck! Write to us at or!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND SEVEN - November 20, 2011
Almost Thanksgiving! Shopping! Purses and necklaces! Turkey tech! Kindness genes! Mean computer guys! Schweddy Balls! (Never gets old. Srsly.) Merkins! And the return of Vocabulary Vixen! Links at, and leave us voice mail at 206-309-7232!!!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIX - November 13, 2011
Work stories; Veterans Day parades; bugs (unlike our adorable cover art); Ben & Jerry's ice cream; hemming for miles; Alfred Hitchcock movies; just a smidge of Bridesmaids adoration; Gone With the Wind is reviled?!; and sacrificing Bay's bod for a good cause (whoop, NPR, WUOT, hollah!). Write to us at! Voice mail = (206) 309-7232!

Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FIVE - November 6, 2011
Panicky electronics, needy automobiles, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Next Iron Chef (now wouldn't that be a heck of a mash-up?), late to the Arrested Development love affair, and Tomato Head in Knoxville's Market Square, all on this week's Grits to Glitz! Complain about our banality at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND FOUR - October 30, 2011
We have ADHD; birthday present lunch bags; Bay's boss rocks; don't marry a stripper; Orlando didn't win Top Chef Just Desserts; a Las Vegas pastry chef did (but you can't eat his food); Project Runway screwed it up again; ice cream that makes dainty Las Vegas blush and demur; Myers Briggs personality types; and so much more. Call 206-309-7232! Write!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND THREE - October 23, 2011
OK, seriously, giant 100-pound growths mean we have to talk about *****. Also: Epilonious found us; Orlando FTW on Top Chef Just Desserts; Project Runway judges smoke crack; Anya may have smoked cr-- OK, not going there; Wicked Spoon buffet at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas; Sapphire in Knoxville. Voice mail us at 206-309-7232!
Episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWO - October 16, 2011
Greasy Coffee Beans; links at; dramatic email readings; fake crying; Crystal Light; Project Runway Season 83; Top Chef Just Desserts; Musings of a Tech Writer; The Strip Podcast; doobies and how Amy kept Miles from committing a felony; two French Markets! Call us at 206-309-7232, or write to us at!

Episode TWO HUNDRED AND ONE - October 9, 2011
Bay's First Friday report, Amy's guacamole recipe! Welsh corgis; The Because Show podcast; Jonathan Coulton; "Project Runway," "After the Runway," "Top Chef Just Desserts," and "Mad Fashion"; cupcakes; protesters in public! Did Bay say "awesome" more than 7 times? Her Tim Gunn autographed bobblehead is the prize if she did! Protest our cupcakes at!
Episode TWO HUNDRED - October 2, 2011
Fun stuff! Amy went to a gay bar, Bay's looking forward to First Friday, the "Musings of a Tech Writer" podcaster calls, and we still loves us our reality TV (Great Food Truck Race, Top Chef Just Desserts, and our beloved Project Runway). Why don't you fly Allegiant with Amy? Call us at 206-309-7232!
Episode One Hundred NINETY-NINE - September 25, 2011
New games to play on long drives; artwork by old Cuban bandleaders; Great Food Truck Race; Top Chef Just Desserts; and of course our longtime fav Project Runway! Sing at Don't Tell Mama or just drink in the show! Bay's playing with the show notes format. You like?

Episode One Hundred NINETY-EIGHT - September 18, 2011
From spelling bee tales to buying parts of cows, Amy and Bay are really enjoying their return to podcasting this episode. The dirt is dished about three reality shows (Great Food Truck Race, Top Chef Just Desserts, and -- duh! Project Runway!) and the effect of orange pants on an entire region. We're gonna be part of Pink Wheelnuts and Pride48! Join us! Write to us at or, and leave us voice mail at 206-309-7232!

Episode One Hundred NINETY-SEVEN - September 11, 2011
The latest in the Grits to Glitz world -- with lots of links! Bay loves downtown Knoxville; Amy still loves Las Vegas. There are some parrot noises in the background and a drooly cat who almost turned over a lamp, and other than that, we just had to say hi to bunches of listeners, goodbye to a favorite old podcast, and ay, caramba! to giant parking lots. Call us! 206-309-7232! Seriously!
Episode ONE HUNDRED NINETY-SIX - December 5, 2010
We're back! We're stuffed with Thanksgiving goodies and hanging out at Amy's little cabin in the mountains while we drink wine and drunkenly paint our fingernails. It's just a little catch-up for the first time in a few months, with talk of how we are (fine), what we're doing now (pretty much the same as always), and our latest fashion obsession (manicures). Send us an email at, or, or drop us a voice mail at 206-309-7232!

Episode ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE - March 28, 2010
Have you seen anything good on TV lately? We have! We have seen many good things on TV lately, and we're seeing some things that haven't been on yet -- but will be! Bay's keeping up with Project Runway S7, and we agree that it is a very, very good, low-key season. Amy's got the scoop on RuPaul's Drag Race S2, too! After a few bunny trails (dogs that shed, pounds that don't), we also get to hear about Amy's trip to fabulous downtown Burbank, California, where she .... well, we don't want to spoil the report. It was fun! Oh, also, Amy needs to break her leg. We're just sayin'. Is all. Thanks for listening!

Episode ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FOUR - February 28, 2010
We're back, and Bay can finally breathe well enough to podcast. And oh! We have so many things to dish about over our fabulous cruise! Food, wine, dining, drinking, laughing, tripping, and passing out! Turtles, dolphins, and the crashing waves! All of this, and "macawitus interruptus," too! You'll have to listen to the show to make sense of it all. Thanks for being such wonderful listeners! We would like to hear from you -- 206-309-7232!
  • We hope Shane of Emergency Pants likes this picture. We thought of him when we saw these signs.
  • You, too, can swim with the dolphins at Dolphinaris in Cozumel!
  • We can't promise bird porn in public, but you might like Flamingo Gardens, anyway, if you like wildlife sanctuaries and low-key touring.
  • We definitely give Butterfly World four enthusiastic thumbs up!
Episode ONE HUNDRED NINETY-THREE - January 31, 2010
Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the iPod again... wait, no, that's a different movie. We're back! Just for a quick little podcast before we jump on a ship and hightail it out of the country! Is it too early to put our passports in our purses? For this show, we're running the gamut -- Amy liked a movie, Bay likes her dog and cat, and we both like a couple of websites like Don't Pee on My House and And darn it, Project Runway Season 7 has us on different sides of the fence! Not that we have time to spend just analyzing it to death or anything. I mean, we gotta pack!
  • It's rude to pee in anyone's yard, so if you're at Mardi Gras, make sure you watch for flying water at Don't Pee On My House!
  • Going to see a 3 hour movie? Then you definitely need to help you time your restroom breaks!
  • If you've ever wondered just how ugly a baby bird can be, check out the baby hummingbird on this webcam. Simultaneously adorable and hideous!