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Let's get this out of the way up front: We're sisters. We're sisters who used to fight a lot -- until one of us went off to college, and then we got to be best friends. And when we say best friends, we mean we are really, truly very close.
When Amy moved to Baltimore, Bay went to visit her. (Which resulted in some hilarious photos, let me tell you!)
When Bay moved to Illinois, Amy went up north to see a production of "Harvey," which resulted in some hilarious hijinks in a karaoke bar!
But then Bay and Amy spent years in the same state -- blissfully unaware that it couldn't last forever.
Amy moved to Las Vegas in August, 2004, and Bay hasn't been the same since. Thank heaven, technology has advanced to the point that they didn't have to pay outrageous phone bills to keep talking every day. Nope, Amy and Bay got the same cell phone service so they could talk to each other many times per day.
The rotten thing is -- although it's clear Amy and Bay should be together every single day, the universe has conspired to make that impossible. Amy is happy in Las Vegas! And Bay is equally happy in the Sunny South! But both of us are aware of -- and appreciative of -- the differences of our different home states!
Bay is a rabblerousing homeschooler of two totally wild kids. She lives and writes in beautiful, tiny Philadelphia, Tennessee, living in a house with three parrots and a giant cat.
Amy is a rabblerousing computer programmer who lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. She shares her gorgeous home with three parrots and a bulldog named Leon, as well as her husband.
Amy's cool blog is at