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2009 Episodes

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 Episode ONE HUNDRED NINETY-TWO - Decembrer 27, 2009
We're giving you an extra-heaping helping of Grits to Glitz this holiday weekend -- and we hope it's the puniest and most unsatisfying of all the stuff you got! But that said, it's a really good episode. Amy reviews two of Las Vegas's premiere restaurants, one at Mandalay Bay and one at the Venetian. Bay regales the listeners with an epic saga of a dangerous quest with rich rewards at the end! We curse the United States Postal Service for losing stuff, and we laugh about people who try to tell Amy what she's thinking. Happy holidays!
  • Why didn't they call it Flight of the Wine Angels? We don't know, but Aureole was certainly heavenly when Amy dined there!
  • Lots of people still want to see Jersey Boys in Las Vegas -- you should see it, too, sometime!
  • You might need a map to find Bouchon -- except we think you can skip it entirely. Boo, Surly the Waiter!
  • Bay still loves Magpies even though they don't know the difference between a man and a snowman!
  • Finally, if you're looking for decadent, non-cupcake goodies, Bay has good things to say about VG's in Farragut!

Episode ONE HUNDRED NINETY-ONE - December 6, 2009
Bay gets to rant a lot during this episode, so if you don't want to hear about berets and smoking French hens, or Amy's visit to East Tennessee, recovering cats and the dogs they tolerate, or how we're getting ready to go sailing through the Caribbean as soon as February gets here, you might want to skip this episode. On the other hand, we're brilliant! If you like Australian podcasters who sound a lot like us. Can you pronounce "ogle"? Bay hopes you can! Plus Thanksgiving preparations, family funerals, shopping on Black Friday, and so much more! Thank you for listening. You can leave us voice mail at 206-309-7232, or you can email us at or
  • Amy believes that Nozomi Japanese Restaurant is so good, it's even worth driving through the parking lot from hell. She won't point you to their web site, though, because it plays music when it loads.
  • Does this podcast sound like Amy and Bay if they were Australian, or Is It Just Me?
Episode ONE HUNDRED NINETY - November 15, 2009
Why won't Amy own up to her sexy euphemisms? Why did Bay adopt a sickly kitty and then curse about it? Why do we keep dining out even in this wretched economy? Is the Big Giant Head a euphemism, too? All these questions -- and more! -- are answered on Episode 190 of Grits to Glitz!
Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-NINE - November 1, 2009
Amy dared me to write really great notes for this episode, because it was a really great episode. So here are my Grits to Glitz notes, by Bay: Scary voices! Drooling dogs! Dead pets! Getting old! Hermitic tendencies to sit alone in the dark in filthy rags chugging wine! Family functions with nametags! And competing with Jesus AND WINNING!

There! Take THAT, liner notes.

Also, call us at 206-309-7232, or email us at!

  • Go make your own links. See if we care.

Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT - October 18, 2009
It's a long show! We have so much to talk about and more bunny trails than we can shake a stick at. First of all, Amy went to a bunch of fine Las Vegas eateries. Bay calls her a bitch. Amy plays a clip from The Strip Podcast. Bay still says Amy's a bitch. Then Bay reports on the one restaurant at which she dined in the last two weeks, and we gallop down some bunny trails involving Japan, listener appreciation, and Depression-era songs. Finally, a nice debate about some fun TV shows about geeks and musical geeks. (Note: We're leaving out the designer competition shows. Hmph!) If that's enough for ya, then we did our jobs. Email us or call us at 206-309-7232 today!
Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SEVEN - October 4, 2009
Thank goodness for Abe Lincoln, puppy dog tales, and new-fangled technology, or we would have nothing to talk about! Is that just some dude sitting on a log on the back of your penny, or are you just happy to see us podcasting? The Vocabulary Vixen would like someone to see what she means when she says, "I saw that!" Call us at 206-309-7232 to fuss at us about our cell phone habits. We understand... and agree!
  • This video makes the Vocabulary Vixen's head spin like that kid in "The Exorcist." And not in a good way. (But it makes the rest of us laugh!)
  • Although Bay erroneously identified the Lincoln studying on a log as having a beard (he definitely doesn't), that doesn't mean the pennies weren't redesigned this year. They were!
  • NSFW (Not Safe For Work, and we mean it!): Favored listener Bridget thinks the blue monster in last week's much-discussed kids' movie really resembles a micropenis. And yes, the first picture does seem to be tinted blue. Don't adjust monitor.
  • Attentive listener Steven found lots of dirty blue monsters at his local electronics emporium!
Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX - September 25, 2009
This is what happens when Bay procrastinates writing the notes. We talked about stuff! Bay laughed and pounded the desk. Amy thinks nice thoughts. We're sorry we're not podcasting about Project Runway, but in general, this season -- while pleasant -- doesn't have any stand-out designers except Louise, and the producers...well, you'll see what we think about the producer interference when you listen to the podcast. Bay's got good news! Even if her mind is in the gutter. And finally, Amy's yard is full of crazy, dangerous things!
  • When we're not busy worrying about the filth being shown to today's youth as entertainment, we really like shopping at
  • Project Runway thoughts? We do think Louise's designs are memorable. And some of them are available in her Etsy shop!
  • Squish scorpions whenever they appear!

Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FIVE - September 15, 2009
It's been a month, and we have sooooo much to catch up on! This long episode includes a very brief report on Bay's very brief trip to North Georgia, and a luxuriously long travelogue about Amy's cruise to Spain and Italy and a few other points in between. And we have blogs to tout and podcasts to gush about! Jump in; the water's fine!
  • Amy took a magnificent cruise around Europe and lived to tell the tale!
  • Bay traipsed in the woods of North Georgia. Then she left the ruminating up to her husband!
  • We all love Melephantintheroom, a blog by listener Melissa!
  • And of course, if you just love remembering the lore of yesteryear, when we all hung out in gay bars and danced wildly to music that was either just fabulous New Wave or maybe delicious electronica, then you must give a listen to Marc and Steven's new Dancing About Architecture podcast.
  • Are European Coca-Cola bottlers using stevia/Truvia? Doubtful, but there's something different about their "Coke Light", anyway!

Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-FOUR - August 9, 2009
What would you do if your parrot started shouting the name of the man who knows every secret in Sin City? The columnist who can make or break reputations in a town that sees (and thrives on) rumor and scandal every day? You'd do exactly what Amy did: you'd grab your video camera and start taping. Noah the African grey parrot made it to the big time, and Amy and Bay couldn't wait to podcast about it. This mini-episode is just a quick celebration of Noah's introduction to show business. Anybody got a red carpet?
  • Follow Norm Clarke's Twitter feed here and be the first to know every bit of juicy Vegas news.
  • Watch Norm's web site for the latest column. You never know what fabulous feathered celebrity you might find under his byline!
Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE - August 2, 2009
We're back! And we'll keep it simple. Amy and Bay are still alive and still determined to talk about nothing except absolutely fabulously happy things! Seriously! This time, anyway. So what's up? Well, vacation plans, of course! Cruises! Barcelona! Travel research! And we love all 11 -- no, make that 12! -- of our listeners, even if we don't know each and every one of you personally and by name. (Hi, again, Dayna K!) Amy saw a fabulous show that makes both of us exclaim, "Cuchi, cuchi" for no good reason at all. Listen to The Strip Podcast! Especially their July 23rd episode. And listen to Emergency Pants Podcast! Especially their Episodes 57 & 58! Did we forget anything? Oh, yes! There's a Vocabulary Vixen during which the Vixen totally changes her mind on the use of the word "tab." Who knew the Vixen was so flexible?
  • We have always loved Steve & Miles on the renowned The Strip Podcast.
  • We simply adore the hilarity found at Emergency Pants Podcast, and again, we extend to Shane and Bridget our heartfelt congratulations on a completely fabulous first year of podcasting!
  • Flamenco this, y'all!
  • And as a special website bonus, if you're here, you're going to be one of the first to see Amy's parrot Noah dropping names!
Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO - July 11, 2009
Get your slippers, pour a drink, and settle in for a nice, long batch of Grits and Glitz, because we got carried away and ranted about some stuff. Most of it good! Honest! We want to thank our listeners for their support and vocal praise (hi, Dayna K!), and we've got some cheap thrills to talk about, too. Oh, speaking of cheap -- the Vocabulary Vixen trots out a new-to-her mispronunciation that cracks us the heck up! Amy's phone finally works -- we know y'all were worried about how that would affect our long-distance podcast recording -- and finally, we're going to the dogs. Again!
  • Pagophagia strikes! And Bay's answer? Machine-made ice. Cheap and delicious!
  • Do you belong in the hot seat opposite Regis? Play the phone game and get there!
  • We have long loved The Strip Podcast and we're tickled to find out some of you guys do, too!
  • Are corgis the cutest? Well, they're certainly well represented on Cute Overload!
  • Get your own Palm Pre -- and if you have trouble with it, Amy can help you fix it!
Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE - June 28, 2009
Amy and Bay pulled out a surprisingly laughter-filled show even though famous people are kicking the bucket left and right. You didn't think it was funny, did you? Neither did we! But still -- guffaws follow our every topic from recommendations that fall flat to references that meet with approval, and hummingbird sightings, and what Bay's doing to try to keep busy while she waits and waits and waits. Is it time for a new shipment of coffee beans? Oh, yes, it is! Email us at, or, or, or leave us voice mail at 206-309-7232!

Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY - June 14, 2009
So much to talk about, we actually had to record a show! This is when it's good to be in podcasting. Bay relates the tale of her Nashville vacation, during which time she tried out for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Eek! And Amy loved a movie that's set in Las Vegas. Have you called us lately? You can, you know! 206-309-7232 -- and we love hearing from you!
  • Keep up with the Millionaire calendar to find out where you can audition for a game show, too!
  • If you just need to laugh, spend your laughter wisely. Go see "The Hangover."
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE - May 31, 2009
Well, folks, you've been patient and it's now paying off! We're doing a new episode at long last! Someone's gotten pooped on, and not all poo removers are to be trusted. Intrigued? Just listen up!

Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT - May 10, 2009
We're back! We didn't mean to be gone so long, but man, we surely did enjoy hearing from all of our listeners who were worried about our podfading. With so much time to stew about things to talk about, we went long this episode. So get a beverage, put on your slippers, and kick back with a long show! We're covering Amy's walk for breast cancer (research, not trying to get it), Bay's disappointment with Sprint customer service, the latest puppy adventures, bird stuff, out-of-town husband stuff, and oh, so much going on in England and on the Emergency Trousers International Edition Podcast. And more. We love voice mail! Call 206-309-7232 and tell us what you think about, well, anything!
  • Truth in advertising? Not in Bay's experience!
  • We love most Emergency Pants episodes, but somehow #44 really makes our hearts go pitty-pat!
  • If you absolutely cannot wait another minute for the new Fashion Bash podcast, here's episode #1! And it should be on iTunes any minute now!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SEVEN - April 28, 2009
We're only late because the Interwebs didn't cooperate! Now, about this week's show: Bay usually writes the notes, and it's just not going well this week. Why? Because we were laughing so hard that it killed some brain cells, I guess. So here are the things we discussed, and a few other things, too: Nostalgia for Regis-Philbin-hosted game shows, puppy tricks, cupcakes, pedicures, spelling "v" words, precocious student stories, and prodigal gays whom we love. See why these notes aren't easy to write? We should have a show note writing contest! Call us at 206-309-7232 to tell us your prodigal puppy trivia student stories, too!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX - April 19, 2009
Spring must be going to our heads because we talked about, of all things, how windy it is in Las Vegas. Oh, OK, we talked about a few other things, too. Like how Bay never could take a decent picture, and how Amy is really good at it. And then there's the cocktail discussion. Next time you're in Las Vegas, what should you drink, and where? We'll tell ya! And if you're just looking for something amusing to read, Bay has a few more blogs that she really likes. Hey, while we're on the subject of blogs -- we started a new one of our own!! Tell us what or who you wouldn't do for a million dollars -- write to us at, or leave us voice mail at 206-309-7232!
  • Club Scrap's latest kit is inspiring and delicious!
  • Crafty, recipe, sewing, nifty, tasteful blog by Amy Karol, and all of it under the clever moniker Angry Chicken!
  • Precocious child in fabulously tasty fashions and an unusually mature writing style can be found at Style Rookie.
  • Incredibly fun and snarky letters to things can be eavesdropped on at Letters To Things!
  • A blog about The Real Housewives of Fill-in-the-blank? Scented Glossy Magazines is waaaay better than the TV show it recaps!
  • Check out our new blog at Not For A Million. What wouldn't you do for a million bucks?
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FIVE - April 6, 2009
So we got a few details wrong, but our April Fool's show turned out to be really kind of on the money. How 'bout that? We discuss the high-fallutin' shindig that Amy attended in Las Vegas Saturday night, where she hobnobbed with celebrities, and then we just talked about Project Runway vs. The Fashion Show and how much we're looking forward to both of them. The Vocabulary Vixen weighed in with the difference between "unchartered" and "uncharted" in a Gilligan's Island analogy to end all Gilligan's Island analogies. (Where's the beginning of those, anyway?) E-mail us at, or call us at 206-309-7232!
  • Project Runway is headed for Lifetime, and we're tuning in for all the orange Michael Kors action we can stomach!
  • Bravo slugs back with the Fashion Show, and we already love Mizrahi, so how much cuter can he be on Bravo?
  • The episodes of The Strip Podcast that featured the truly disgusting interview originally aired on October 23rd and 30th of last year. Don't listen unless you have a strong stomach!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR - March 31, 2009
Breaking news!
We just couldn't wait! Y'all deserve enough time to set your Tivo's for the fun and festivities. So we've just put together a super-quick run down of the pertinent info. Yay, podcasting speediness!

Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-THREE - March 30, 2009
Listen, people, Bay's internet connection was broken all Sunday night, and now it's Monday night and time to publish, but Bay (who writes these notes) can't remember everything we talked about. We know there was a little bit of RuPaul Drag Race winner dish. (Congrats, Bebe! You were so lucky Shannel was kicked out early.) Bay doesn't get Twitter, but we both like Facebook. And there was a little talk of hummingbird migration and the end of the play in Tennessee. Then we got wrapped up in wrapping up the limerick contest. You guys didn't make it easy! So we called in a special guest judge, who recently came out from under his "charitable gag order" and can now jig and sing with the rest of us. (Yay, leprechauns!) Wanna be Famous? Then give us a call! 206-309-7232!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO - March 22, 2009
Oooo, so many things to catch up on, from enthusiastic cheerleaders to puppy dog tales! From Drag Race drag queens to singing George Bush! From charitable leprechauns to ball-sucking black holes! And from funny love notes to filthy-minded crafters! And a few other tidbits, too. It's a catch-all episode for Amy and Bay! Don't forget to enter our limerick contest -- one week left, and we've added an iTunes card to the prize pile. Call 206-309-7232 to leave us voice mail, or write to us at!

Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE - March 17, 2009
Amy's in East Tennessee for a quickie! We discuss Bay's play, and how fabulous Bay is, and how nice it is to have Amy in East Tennessee. We also squee quite a bit about the fabulous Epilonious (pseudonym of stupendous Peter) and glorious Eric of Atlanta. They drove hours and hours just to see us! Eeee!!!! And it was so totally worth the butt numbness! Enter our Limerick Contest! Just write a limerick about any topic we've ever discussed, and call us at 206-309-7232!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY - March 8, 2009
Another in a long series of honest questions kicks off Episode 170 of Grits to Glitz, the podcast between two sisters on opposite sides of the world. We've got theatre on the brain, what with Bay in a play and Amy making plans to see a popular musical in Las Vegas. What is the allure of Jersey Boys, anyway? No, seriously! Whatever it is, Amy will report on it when she sees it. (We're hoping for excessive tomfoolery, though.) And Amy's meeting Sara of the How Much Do We Love podcast for drinks. (Does that make them both bitches? Or just Amy?) CONTEST TIME! Write a limerick about anything we've ever discussed on Grits to Glitz, from the very first episode until now! Two weeks to enter! Send your entries to or read them to us on the voice mail at 206-309-7232!

Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE - March 2, 2009
Bluh! It's Monday! Oh, wait, we aren't supposed to be complaining. Besides, we recorded the show on Sunday! Somehow, just recording our podcast always makes us laugh despite ourselves. So this week's show is a little freewheeling and informal, but we still managed to dish about more RuPaul Drag Race deliciousness, and plans for Amy to visit Knoxville while Bay makes plans to finally (FINALLY!) force her husband to visit Amy in Las Vegas. It's a trip exchange! Now if only we could get corporate sponsors. E-mail us at, or leave us voice mail at 206-309-7232!
  • Come see Bay in Hoppy's Trunk! (Just promise you'll laugh. Out loud. That's important. Amy doesn't always get this concept.) General admission is $15 and Seniors and Students are only $12 each. Yeah, Bay's freaking out at ticket prices, too!
  • Amy likes shopping at Tiffany's at the Bellagio.
  • Don't miss all the fun of RuPaul's Drag Race! We're glued to the action every Monday at 10:00 EST.
Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT - February 22, 2009
Two weeks! Without a new episode! Whatever did you do without us? Whatever it was, you look fabulous! We had a lot, a lot to dish about, so here's a quick rundown of topics and people we discussed: San Francisco, Valentine's Day, Tiffany's (always good in conjunction with Valentine's Day, right?), streetcars, Scoma's in San Francisco, Etsy shops, scammers, 419eater, Scamwarners, Barbie's 50th fashion show, Rob of two of our favorite podcasts, Peter of They Don't Know podcast, drag racing, RuPaul's Drag Race, America's Best Dance Crew (and why we're not watching any more), and finally, Harland Williams and his two opening acts, Paul Hughes (ugh) and Cort McCown (wow!). Whew! Now, that was a mouthful!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN - February 8, 2009
We're outraged. We're aghast. We're plum scandalized! I mean, lip synching has led to the downfall of many a singer, right? So why hasn't this case made front page news?! On a happier note, we're glad to see that Dynamic Edition is still clogging their way into the hip hoppiest of hearts, and we're still swooning over Quest Crew. The entertainment report goes from the sublime (Bay's performance) to the...not quite so sublime, but we're all about second chances. Paula, we still believe in you! As always, give us a call at 206-309-7232 or drop us a line at amy or

Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX - February 1, 2009
It's a great time to podcast, if only to avoid the TV! Seriously, Amy and Bay are waxing reminiscent about how they spent last Super Bowl Sunday, and this one. Did you catch the Puppy Bowl's amazing opening? We did, and we think you should, too! We may be Pepper the parrot's biggest fans! In entertainment news, Amy saw another sibling comedy routine (the Smothers Brothers) this time in a casino. (Instead of on an iPod, like, you know, Amy and Bay!) As usual, we have to know how the opening act was -- and juggler Chris Bliss was good! Now, if only we can stop worrying about dropped tennis balls. Hi, Cody Stark! Thanks for mentioning us! Just in time for Amy to start planning her next cruise -- can you say "It's all Greek to me"? We've got a few words about America's Best Dance Crew, and the Vocabulary Vixen stops by for a rant about verbs vs. prepositions, and finally, we have to warn you that Bay laughed a little too much in this episode. We're just sayin'. Is all. Maybe next week will be more somber!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE - January 25, 2009
We're tickled and a teeny bit confused when our counter shows us a big ol' passle of new listeners. Who are you guys? Where did you come from? And what took you so long?! Settle down with a nice big glass of sweet tea and let's dish, y'all! We're still awed by the amazingly cool clogging/hip-hopping of Dynamic Edition, not to mention some of their competitors on America's Best Dance Crew. For once, Bay has more entertainment in Tennessee than Amy has in Las Vegas! And not only is Bay seeing great entertainment, she's relishing the fun of being an entertainer, herself. Go, Bay! Call us at 206-309-7232 and let us know how you found us! Welcome aboard!
  • Dynamic Edition represents! We can't help but cheer for the hip cloggers!
  • (But we wouldn't mind too terribly much if The Strikers prevailed!)
  • Bay was lucky enough to not only see Lewis Black, but to also have the delight of discovering his opening act, John Bowman, master of both ukelele and jacket.
Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR - January 20, 2009
Question: Can something so essentially Southern, so utterly backwoods as clogging actually be cool?

Better question: If we're late three weeks in a row, can we ever hope to be cool again, ourselves? Wait a second -- we're Grits to Glitz, we're not cool at all! And that's the way we like it, too. So this week's hodgepodge of a show includes shouts out to our homeys who helped us shop, and Amy has a cool tip for Wii Raving Rabbids 2 that Bay didn't even know about. Wait a second! How can Amy have a tip about a game system she doesn't even own? Oh, yeah -- we're talking about that, too! Our puppies make us smile, our listeners make our hearts go pitty-pat, and to top the whole thing off, clogging has finally hit the big time in American basic cable reality competition shows. Hoo rah, baby! E-mail us at or or even We love hearing from y'all!

Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE - January 11, 2009
We're back! We didn't even mean to be gone, but we're back, anyway. Happy 2009! In this week's episode, we would like to concentrate on things we've heard about from our beloved listeners. Things like -- snarky-cute break-up e-mails, fabulous new fragrance websites (which reminded us of fabulous old tobacco marketing efforts), and stuff to drive the Vocabulary Vixen crazy. In the meantime, of course, we still manage to chat about stuff in general, reiterate how terribly misshapen Bay's Christmas tree was, and confess our obsession with the Wii console which may or may not be an affordable toy. Er, gaming system. Also, Amy reviews the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"! We may have taken two weeks to make it, but it's a heck of a Grits to Glitz show!