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2008 Episodes

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Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO - December 29, 2008
Merry Christmas! Happy Hollerin' Days! It's a Grits to Glitz Christmas special! And it's so special, we taped it on the road! We're absolutely giddy with the joy of being together in one place, so it's kind of a scattered podcast. But we still managed to tell Bay's one really bad story about foreign languages, and Amy still managed to confess that she loves the good egg nog, but not the bad stuff. Can you stand it? Can we? Tune in for a short show! Send us email at or!

Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE - December 21, 2008
We're back! We took an extra week because Amy was caught in near-apocalyptic weather systems in the desert, while Bay was busily choosing the ugliest Christmas tree in East Tennessee. See? We had a lot of catching up to do! Bay has a new puppy! Amy made a Christmas video! We're making plans for the holidays and complaining about the in-laws! And finally, the Vocabulary Vixen is all about the hilarity we find in bad spell-checking skills. If you want to leave us voice mail, call 206-309-7232!
  • If Henry Moore created a Christmas tree, Bay would already have it in her living room!
  • Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of dust storms shall stop Amy from her appointed workout!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTY - December 7, 2008
It's the most wonderful time of the ... year? Well, it's certainly the most insanely busy time of the year! Amy's putting up her Big Ass Wreath to the amusement of her neighbors and Bay's out shoppin' and listening to songbirds. Here's hoping your holiday season is off to as great a start as ours is!

Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE - November 30, 2008
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on puppies,
Bright copper polish and men who aren't yuppies....

OK, it's not exactly our favorite things, it's the things we're thankful for. If it's not too late, we'd like to tell you about a couple dozen of them. Settle down with your favorite beverage (unless you're driving to work as you listen!) and hear our gratitude for the goofy and the sappy. It's all about thanks! And if you're feeling a little down, the Vocabulary Vixen has the proper pronunciation to give you comfort!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT - November 24, 2008
It's a do-over of the most extreme variety -- we had to tape twice. So if we don't make a lot of sense, that's why! We're dishing about everything from Bay's exciting Craigslist purchase to Amy's favorite harbingers of the impending holiday season. Ho, ho, ho! Honestly, we forgot more bits than we can actually list here, from praising another podcast's "hookers & blow" topics to the fictitious Bubba's of Tuscaloosa lingerie emporium. Darn it! And corgis in the snow? Not in this show! That's OK, we have a listener in glorious Alaska! That's cool enough for us! Amy reviews dinner at the Pullman Grille at the Main Street Station and the "Fitz of Laughter" show at the Fitzgerald Casino. Hilarious!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN - November 17, 2008
It's another list show! First we must dish about pet happenings and possible pet events. Did Bay just jinx herself? Or is she just spilling her guts as usual? But when we get down to business, the business of tonight's show is ... blogs! They're not just passé! Blogs have not been completely replaced by podcasts! So we're just sharing several blogs we keep up with pretty regularly. They make us laugh, they inspire us, and they're easier to get away with checking on during the middle of work without tipping off any co-workers. Right? Enjoy the whole batch with us!
    • Bay's list:
And countless other fabulous blogs! We're hooked. Be hooked with us!

Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX - November 10, 2008
It's listener appreciation night, and frankly, we would stalk all of you if we could. What's Amy playing with in her sewing space? Is it something she stalked at Mood or the result of hours of stalking on eBay? Finally, we wrap up with some lists of creative email addresses we've received in our email box in the last couple of months. Not a lot! Just a little. Call us and leave voice mail at 206-309-7232!
  • Amy had fun shopping for fabric at Mood.
  • We really like Bridget's Emergency Pants Podcast! (And the name is nothing short of excellent!)
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE - November 3, 2008
It's a surprise show! We can't give it away without spoiling the surprise, but this week's show is short and very, very sweet. Well, it was great for us, anyway! From keeping secrets to shopping for shoes, from salads to sleepovers, this Halloween weekend was very unusual for Amy and Bay -- but greatly appreciated. Now, who's gonna try to spell "onomatopoeia" on a sign this week?
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR - October 26, 2008
Bay's getting pre-disastered for her birthday this year, from fire ants to ugly cakes, and Amy's lucky enough to be along for the ride -- well, on the podcast, at least! We're reviewing good shows (and reminding you to avoid Dixie Stampede), possibly picking on Britney Spears, and finally, we're just sharing a recipe for a really good Apricot Nectar cake. Check out the website for the whole thing! And notice how there aren't any candles on Bay's cake! Why? Because it's hard to fit 29 whole candles on there, of course!
  • Be a cool geek! Go Geocaching with Amy and Bay!
  • Is there any such thing as an environmentally friendly way to get rid of fire ants? Bay uses this scary brand!
  • He writes the songs the whole world sings! And we're not afraid to confess we sing them, too. While dancing wildly. Well, we did when we were 12.
  • Oh, c'mon! We already knew Britney couldn't really sing. Didn't we?
  • It's almost Halloween, so peek, if you dare, at the Cake Wrecks. Aaaaiiiiieeee!!!!!
  • Finally, a recipe for our Aunt Sybil's infamous Apricot Nectar cake. Be prepared to drool!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE - October 19, 2008
Ew, we don't wanna tape a show! We don't wanna write notes! It's one of those days. Why? What caused this malaise? Was it because of the cooler weather, or can we blame it on stupid endorphins? Whatever it is, it's still making us laugh. If you don't like it -- well -- tough! Maybe the Vocabulary Vixen can coax us out of our pique -- if we can read about it, that is.
  • The misspelled word is still part of the flash intro to the website. The Vocabulary Vixen is horrified!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO - Project Runway Special - October 15, 2008
It's the end of the season, and the end of our wondering who's going to take home the trophy. And we have a special piece of collaborative podcasting with Epilonious and his friends! It's kind of a split decision for us, and we're torn about who should have won. Maybe there should have been a tie! That would've been fun. One thing's for certain -- that guest judge is *delicious*!
  • Subscribe to Epilonious' They Don't Know podcast. He's saving the big fluffy gay couch for more fans like us!
  • Whenever we want to know what it's like to be behind the scenes at Bryant Park, we check out Blogging Project Runway and Project Rungay! They're both fabulous!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE - October 12, 2008
We're getting back into the groove after weeks and weeks of strange, in-between travelogues while we gadded about for most of September and part of October. What was it we used to do with the podcast? Oh, yeah, we just chatted a lot! Tonight's topics include Amy's review of Red Square, a restaurant at Mandalay Bay, Bay's review of a nifty keen train ride through the boonies, and a bunch of bunny trails about comfort food vs. gourmet cuisine and what makes a good Trotter wife. Hang on, kiddies! We're just holding our breath 'til Wednesday night, anyway!
  • They should add a dollar sign to the descriptions of Red Square, but Amy and her hubby enjoyed their expensive meal there, anyway!
  • Slow down for a few hours, take a train ride through the hills on Bay's favorite new top-secret Tennessee tourist tip!
  • If you live in a big city, you can book a restaurant through this nifty website. Bon appetit!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTY - Project Runway Special - October 8, 2008
We're making up for the week we missed, and we are disagreeing vehemently about some of tonight's designs, decisions, and debates! Was it a conspiracy? Does that necessarily make this week's decision a bad thing? Are you singing about bicycles built for two? Congratulations to Leanne, Korto, and Kenley -- and Jerell, we'll miss you!
  • Never skip a reunion show with Tom and Lorenzo!
  • Never go a week without Epilonious and the gang o' the big fluffy gay couch!
  • Check out our favorite example of model behavior with Karalyn!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-NINE - October 5, 2008
On a cruise, it's all about the food! And we're cruising through Amy's latest vacation on a ship: New England and Canada! Do you like surprises? Do you like jet boats? Do you like shopping at famous fabric stores in New York City? Then this is the podcast episode for you! Grab a broken martini glass and join us for a travelogue!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT - Project Runway Special - September 24, 2008
From an animal survey of Mood Fabrics to a discussion of a dream Top 3, Amy and Bay are (as usual) running the gamut in their  PRS5 dish tonight. Which model is the best? Does Kenley really deserve the editing she's getting? Could Korto be any more unhappy with the challenge? And was Jerell robbed or not? So many questions! So much dishing!
  • Here's where Swatch lives!
  • Before the model melodrama unfolded, Amy was already enthralled by the model blog!
  • Pizza for Leanne: Ken's Artisan, at home in her very own Portland!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN - September 21, 2008
Bay went on vacation to a sweet, soft, dear, old, and terribly Southern locale, so we spent the entire podcast dishing about how fabulous the Low Country is. Have you ever run away from a beach just 12 minutes after you got to it? Well, Bay has! And then she had the audacity to bring home a unique souvenir from a rice plantation! It's a crazy little show with just a tiny dollop of Vocabulary Vixen, so why don't y'all have a seat on the porch swing with us for a while? We're so glad you did! Call us at 206-309-7232 or email us at!
  • Trail along after Bay and visit some glorious Southern attractions, like Middleton Place, a fabulous piece of history just outside Charleston!
  • Plantations aren't your thing? How 'bout a nice little naval museum with miles of tours inside ships and submarines and aircraft carriers? Like Patriots Point!
  • And if you need just a spot of birdwatching to make your heart go pitty-pat, then check out the lush wildlife of South Carolina's marshes and swamps!
  • The Calhoun Mansion was Bay's favorite tour in Historic Charleston this year -- now that they've gotten rid of all the battleship-grey paint!
  • Finally, a belted kingfisher -- it isn't as "northern" as the literature suggests, is it?
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX - Project Runway Special - September 17, 2008
While Bay lounges on the plantation patio in the cool moonlight with only a lonely heron for company, Amy welcomes special guest Steve Friess to the weekly Grits to Glitz Project Runway analysis and commentary fest! Why has Project Runway kept darling Swatch from us for all this time?! And why doesn't Steve agree with everything Amy says?! It's crazy bizarro time on the ol' podcast, and we're loving it! Thank goodness Bay took a break from her low country sabbatical to call in with her input. You can do the same at 206-309-7232!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE - Project Runway Special - September 10, 2008
So Project Runway went all crazy and brought back all these designers who had already been auf'ed, so we got to see a bunch of people we had forgotten about. Well, not all of them! Actually, we enjoyed this episode a lot, and there was a party in a Planetarium. Which was pretty cool, but dark. Would we buy any of those outfits? Was Terri getting the bitch edit, or was she really just a bitch? And thank you, Bravo, for bringing back eye-candy Wesley for one episode! So many adorable moments in this ep!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR - September 7, 2008
Neither rain nor mushrooms nor a Satanic boss can keep us from our appointed podcasting duties! Determined to be little rays of sunshine, we tromped into the fray. Amy reported on her trip to California, and Bay had fun with fungus near home. Crazy? Yes, but also very cheerfully crazy! Write to us at!
  • Amy likes the crazy cheerful people at Venice Beach!
  • See Bill Cosby if you ever can!
  • Fungus can be fun and educational! Like these darlin' Devil's Snuff-box mushrooms. Don't you want to stomp on one like Bay?
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE - Project Runway Special - September 3, 2008
For an episode that Bay declares is not her favorite, we surely did find a lot to discuss! From Heidi's curiously sudden affinity for demure dresses to a pair of culottes and all the way up to a crazy stewardess-like costume dress, we're just perplexed by this whole challenge. And is it just us, or were there fewer really great designs and a whole bunch of pretty blah outfits on the runway? Whatever; we are destitute that Stella is gone, but we loved her departing attitude. And of course, we have opinions about Leanne's second win!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO - Project Runway Special - August 27, 2008
It was a bizarre but fabulous episode of our favorite reality competition show, from the incredibly long elevator ride with voice overs to Heidi Klum's inexplicable assertion that a broken mirror affects her sex life. We were split about the fashion, but we agree on one important thing: We're definitely enjoying this season!

Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE - August 24, 2008
Time flies when we're having fun! Because it's already almost time for a Labor Day weekend, and Amy's going away for fun in California. In the meantime, we're loading up the show notes with links to stuff. We talk about new and old listeners, how Bay still isn't smoking, drought conditions far and wide, and Amy's a media whore. Well, she is. Or her dog Leon is. We're not sure who the whore is, but we're positive there's a whore in Las Vegas. We're just saying. Is all.
  • Watch how Lake Mead is disappearing! Compare and contrast! There'll be a pop quiz in 2018!
  • How Bay quit smoking, and how you can quit, too, if you're thinking about it. And yes (Bridget, this is for you!), yes, Bay smells fantastic now!
  • Leon's picture made the big city paper! Or this picture is a little bigger!
  • Amy likes Venice Beach, and you can see some of the local artists' wares on this nifty blog post!
  • For some reason, Bay's cat decided to stop the podcast. What a showstopper!
    Hector the Magnifico
Episode ONE HUNDRED FORTY - Project Runway Special - August 20, 2008
In an episode destined to become a longtime favorite for PR fans, we had drag queens trading bon mots with designers -- and besides Michael Kors and RuPaul, there were lots of actual drag queens as models! Amy and Bay indulge in a long dish session as a result. How much more could we love this season? It's so refreshing to return to fabulous! Bravo, Bravo! And finally, we've got a promo on this episode from the fabulous Peter/Epilonious of the They Don't Know podcast. It's all like a meeting of Project Runway minds, isn't it?
  • If you, like Bay, can't come up with your own clever drag queen name, you can always use the generator.
  • Remember Chris March's fabulous Cruella costume? You can revisit it here!
  • As always, we're wondering what Tom & Lorenzo are going to have to say about this brilliant ep on their fabulously bitchy blog, Project Rungay!
  • And our dear friend Peter is definitely pulling out all the stops -- and two new friends -- on They Don't Know scrappies!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE - August 17, 2008
If bad things happen in threes, then we all need to brace for the next show. What is up with that? In any case, before things went haywire, we still managed to dish about guilty-pleasure shopping, guilty-pleasure movies, strange French-yeye type tunes, and whether or not Bay needs to get her ankle x-rayed. And Amy attended Podcastapalooza, so we chat a bit about travel-themed podcasts. Woo hooo! We saved Vocabulary Vixen for next week!
  • There's nothing like a fan-driven podcast like Five Hundy By Midnight!
  • And then there's the Vegas Gang, everything you wanted to know about "gaming"!
  • But of course, we could never talk about Las Vegas podcast and neglect to mention The Strip Podcast, the best in celebrity interviews and insider Las Vegas info!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT - Project Runway Special - August 16, 2008
Our Project Runway recap was held hostage by the Internets this week, but good things are worth waiting for, right? Enjoy!

Umm...we're experiencing technical difficulties. Now, let's I clip the blue wire or the red wire? Which one makes everything go kablooey?

Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN - August 10, 2008
Healthy, healthy, healthy! So healthy you'll want to beat us with tire irons! We're a little disgusted with ourselves, to be honest, but forgive us this quick celebration. We're sure we'll be back to our sedentary ways in no time!

Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SIX - Project Runway Special - August 6, 2008
Was that a crazy big-ass hat or what? Amy and Bay are still dying to thin out the herd a little so we can be sensible about our comments. But darn it, we didn't mean for it to go quite the way it went in Project Runway's fourth episode! From shirtless strutters to catwalk divas, we're pretty sure Tim didn't say, "Designers, fight over the fabrics. Make it work! Designers, stake out your own personal sewing machines. Carry on!" But fortunately for us, the designers thought he did. Lucky for us -- more drama!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE - August 3, 2008
Take a trip down memory lane with us as we rediscover our top 5 vacation memories! From fine dining in Boston to whale-watching in Alaska, Amy and Bay have been blessed with some really unique experiences. What new memories will we be making in September? What are your favorite vacation memories?
  • One of Las Vegas' most daring rides always makes our Top 5 of lifetime vacation memories!
  • The next time you're in Alaska, check out the local wildlife -- and we don't mean the bachelors! (Although, of course, that's always an option when you get back indoors.)
  • Maybe you think baby sea turtles aren't cool. We bet you can be swayed.
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR - Project Runway Special - July 30, 2008
Neither rain nor power outages nor sleet nor even Weinstein Company revelations could keep us from our appointed post-PR gab session! Thank heaven Amy took notes so she could keep Bay in the know. Congrats to the winner and a little bit of a lament for the auf'ed one -- we'll miss you, Emily! Give us some gab, y'all! Call 206-309-7232 to tell us we're crazy if we like straight hems, or email us at, or We love our listeners!!!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE - July 27, 2008
We have transvestites on the brain this week, thanks to Amy's entertainment outings and Bay's insect sightings. Cool, huh? What else can we blather on about endlessly? Our fabulous vacation plans! Amy dined out in one of those places that looks a little iffy but turns out really nicely. Our voice mail number is 206-309-7232! Call us!
  • Darned good Chinese food can be found where Amy, Paul, and Steve dined this week -- Ping Pang Pong!
  • Live luna moths can be seen at Bay's driveway. Two-dimensional luna moths can be seen all over the interweb!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO - Project Runway Special - July 23, 2008
From listener feedback to love for the models' shopping expedition, this is a long podcast because darn it, the episode was so far-fetched. Or should we say fetching? There were juicy moments -- and fabulous meltdowns. In the end, we were split on the winner. And we still haven't figured out what we thought about the auf'ed designer. Call us to leave short voice mail quips at 206-309-7232! And help us figure out whether Blayne is obnoxolicious or just orangelicious!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE - July 20, 2008
Short and sweet...if not by design, then by accident. Bay appears in two different incarnations, but if you're yearning for more Grits to Glitz, be sure to check out the YouTube video of Bay's latest trip to Vegas! We'll be back with Project Runway dish on Wednesday, and we'll try to hit the right buttons next weekend!
  • Don't miss the Famous video of Bay's latest trip to Las Vegas!
Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTY - Project Runway Special - July 16, 2008
Project Runway is back! Season 5 kicked off under cover of darkness, and almost without our noticing. But darn it, we want to like it! We really do! And we want to know if there's a tanning competition between the judges and the contestants, and we're always amazed at how hard it is to keep everyone straight in the early weeks of a run. Who's that girl? You tell us! Congratulations to Kelli and best wishes to Jerry, who was outrageously robbed! Email us at, or And leave us voicemail at 206-309-7232!
  • So who is Kathy Griffin getting to make her Halloween costume? Our fingers are crossed for Chris March!
  • As always, Blogging Project Runway is our one stop shop for all things Project Runway!
  • And when we need the finest in bitchery, Tom and Lorenzo are our go to guys!
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-NINE - July 13, 2008
Y'know, not every podcast can appreciate the differences between Las Vegas and East Tennessee by noting the roadside habits of the native fowl. But that's just one of the ways G2G is different from other podcasts! We're also different because we're getting ready to dish about Project Runway even if Bravo wants to pretend Season 5 isn't really starting this week. And if we can take a minute to gush, listener Bridget really knows how to eschew obfuscation! More topics this week include cole slaw, fishing, Podcastapalooza hits Vegas in August, and listener Holly gives the Vocabulary Vixen a lesson in elisions! Tell us what our contest theme will be! Call 206-309-7232 or email us!
  • Crazy delicious fabulous cole slaw is yours for the making!
  • Bridget's original and fiendishly clever needlework can be found in her glorious Flickr album!
  • Tim Gunn answered 10 Questions for Time Magazine!
  • We can get into fights over whose favorite is whose, but we both agree this podcast is our favorite Las Vegas-centric fare: The Strip Podcast. Simply the best!
  • Join the podcasters converging on Las Vegas for a Portable Media convention, and attend Las Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza!

Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT - July 6, 2008
Call us at 206-309-7232! It's fun to play catch-up with a Las Vegas floozie and a vocabulary vixen, isn't it? We're pimping out our favorite podcasts and looking forward to more shopping trips and holidays. The Strip Podcast, They Don't Know/Epilonicast, From This to That, and How Much Do We Love are all getting love from us this summer. HMDWL is having another summer cocktail contest -- check it out! And don't forget to catch Peter's controversial topic! Amy spent more time choosing things for her new desert landscaped yard than she did picking out her wedding dress. Is that strange? And Bay didn't blow up anything this Independence Day, but that's OK, because she might have picked targets this year. And goodness knows it's hard to podcast from prison. Tell us what kind of contest we should hold! Seriously!
  • Steve and Miles are hot, and their interviews are smokin' hot! We never miss an episode of The Strip Podcast.
  • Peter's getting controversial. And we still adore his theme music! Check out They Don't Know!
  • Cyndi missed our gathering, but we love her, anyway. (And her recipes, too!)
  • Bay knows how much fun it is to win the Summer Cocktail Contest at How Much Do We Love. Also, we just love listening to this podcast in general!
  • Check out Amy's new lights in her gloriously finished back yard. Wow! Looks like a page from a magazine, doesn't it?
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN - June 29, 2008
Amy opened her gorgeous home, desert garden, and fabulous pool to Bay -- and dang if Bay can't quit talking about it! This is a travelogue, a trip report, an oral précis about sights and sounds found around Las Vegas during the period from June 20th to the 26th. And what a glorious visit it was! Amy is a gracious hostess! We met podcast listeners, got pedicures, and even brunched with always fabulous Steve & Miles of the Strip Podcast. And to top it all off, we cried over Bette Midler and sighed over Toni Basil's choreography. Oh, you should have been there!
  • Luv-It Frozen Custard really is as good as the magazines, TV shows, and guidebooks claim! (And it's worth a trek into the scarier part of downtown Las Vegas to find out for yourself, too!)
  • Delicious, casual Chinese dining near you -- not near Bay, but near you, fingers crossed!
  • Glamorous cupcakes appropriate for glitzy podcasters and their fabulous listeners can be found here!
  • Our favorite Las Vegas podcast is, and has always been, The Strip Podcast. Just because Steve and Miles are knowledgeable, fabulous, and totally hot.
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX - June 15, 2008
It's a quickie! From noisy restaurants to noisy rooster-coiffed designers! And right on up to one of the Vocabulary Vixen's favorite rules of spelling! It's a crazy, quick podcast because darn it, Bay needs to pack for her trip to Las Vegas, and Amy needs to hurry the landscapers to finish her newly desert-like yard. Yippee! We can't wait! Join us at Quark's at the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday, June 22nd at 6:00. Be there or be, well, square!

Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE - June 8, 2008
Quick! Grab a beverage and hang out with Amy and Bay for a few minutes. Amy's getting her yard torn up! Bay's counting down the minutes until she gets to hang out in Amy's pool in fabulous Las Vegas! While she's there, she can chase away the pigeons that aren't being chased by the ScareCrow machine, which is once again getting some hits thanks to a hilarious New York Times piece... and those who blog about it. Have you seen any good documentaries lately? We have! Oh, the drama! Oh, the horror! Oh, the glories of geeky gamers! And join us at Quark's for a few drinks and some laughs. We promise you'll have almost as much fun as we will!
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR - June 3, 2008
June! Summer! Bunny trails abound! While we tried to keep to the topics of why Bay homeschools and entertainment (movies and cool new podcasts), we went off on serious bunny trails like the energy crunch and why, WHY on earth did anyone ever want a Hummer? We don't get it. (We really don't!) And the Lola puppy seems not to have any tastebuds, because what she eats tastes like, well, crap. Why are we still podcasting? Because we love our listeners! Call us at 206-309-7232!
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE - May 25, 2008
It's hard to find anything to talk about other than the upcoming visit of Bay to Amy's abode in Las Vegas, but we still managed to find a couple of thoughts to discuss -- like whether we're fitting another Broadway show into this visit, and how many restaurants will we be able to visit during such a short trip. And Bay is looking forward to seeing Red Rock Canyon and Amy's just looking forward to the visit in general! In preparation for the mad touring, we are still working out -- and we're learning valuable lessons about how to do that without getting sick from the exertion. Is Amy making up cursewords for her trainer? Finally, the Vocabulary Vixen tackles one of those judgment calls that can drive a person crazy -- got it? Good!
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO - May 19, 2008
It's a listener appreciation show! Seriously, we've had so many great notes and calls from our listeners with so many thought-provoking topics, we just had to do this show. So hang on while we navigate from more Tim Gunn dishing, how much fun sisters can be, dining at the Peppermill with beloved listeners, cool new podcasts (two of 'em!), and Amy's fame and glory. And Bay still doesn't get a high from exercise, but the locale -- oh, yeah, we love the boonies!
  • The Peppermill doesn't look anything like Quark's Bar, but a camera phone makes them tough to distinguish!
  • No matter what you call 'em, buy your TimTams/Arnott's Originals at a Cost Plus World Market near you!
  • Listener Jeff in AZ steered our vocabulary-lovin' hearts straight to Grammar Grater!
  • Listener Cyndi in Las Vegas has started her very own podcast, From This To That!
  • Vote for Amy's t-shirt because Bay can't stuff the ballot box!
  • Classic favorite podcasters who we're going to hang out with in June: The Strip Podcast! Featuring hottie Miles and brilliant Steve!
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE - May 11, 2008
Travel plans abound! When is Bay going to be in Las Vegas? Listen and find out to which show Amy and Bay are most looking forward! And when they'll be there! And how much they'll squeal! Are we hip enough to drink at the Downtown Cocktail Lounge? Oh, yeah, you bet! Why did we go to college? Was it just to avoid something that Amy's now doing? Bay went for a little walk in the boonies and discovered that right now is a great time to visit the Smokies! The Vocabulary Vixen addresses a correction from a favorite listener. And how long is it 'til June, anyway? Is it here now? How 'bout now?
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWENTY - May 6, 2008
With us, it's never a quickie! We can't do it even when we try really hard to make a really short, quick, snappy little show to tide you over until the weekend. (Yeah -- we got your notes about the missing show!) So Bay wants to know why you guys listen in between Project Runway seasons. Seriously! And we're responding to a listener voice mail about the upcoming PR season and whether or not we're looking forward to it. (Cross our hearts, we aren't really fighting!) Finally, Amy couldn't stand Las Vegas any more, so she skipped town with her hubby Paul for a weekend getaway. (Bitch!) Tune in next week for listener-inspired Vocabulary Vixen, and let us hear from you!
Episode ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN - April 27, 2008
You know how there's never anything good on TV? Find out whether Video On Demand is finally solving that pesky problem, and just what Bay thinks about this. Good? Bad? Downfall of society as we know it? But wait! There's more! Amy might be experiencing a mid-life cri-- er, par-tay! Let's see, how many of the classic symptoms has she displayed? This could take a while. Finally, the Vocabulary Vixen abandoned her lesson on past participles and is just taking it easy. Check out, otherwise known as "The 'Blog' of 'Unnecessary' Quotation Marks." Hours of entertainment -- as long as you can turn off the TV first!
  • Amy's latest symptom! Isn't it adorable?
  • Putting the blog link in two places ensures you'll check it out, just as the Vixen "desires"!
  • Filler music for this episode was blatantly ripped off from The Strip Podcast. But Al Phlipp and The Woo Team just made the perfect filler ditty!
  • Here's a website bonus: Amy & Bay both really like the salads at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas. Next time you're there, have a salad for Bay!
Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHTEEN - April 20, 2008
At podcast time, the most pressing issue was finding something to keep Bay's body and soul together until dinner, and we discover Bay is much more imaginative than Amy at devising a solution! Amy is feeling holeyer than thou, and Bay's son woke up with a health problem that was a little difficult to face. Amy took her puppy to terrori...I mean socialize with the well-behaved dogs, and Bay behaved well by not absconding with a Welsh corgi from the most beautiful hilltop in east Tennessee. Finally, this week's Vocabulary Vixen ponders a caffeinated word that gets us all heated up...especially when it's mispronounced!
  • What happens when Italian and Southern cuisine collide? Puleo's Grille in Knoxville!
  • Why is it that Amy and Bay are related to so many people with Bell's Palsy?
  • Question: Who can resist a Welsh Corgi? Answer: Bay...for the moment. (Don't ask tomorrow. The answer may change!)
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN - April 13, 2008
Amy and Bay don their cub reporter caps for a brand spankin' new segment. The reaction to this year's April Fools episode was much better than last year's, and the pseudo-Amy and faux-Bay didn't know how right they were about Project Runway dirt! (Speaking of dirt, Hi Nancy! No dirt at Amy's house!) Finally, Bay and her daughter have been boosting the nation's economy with major computing purchases, and Bay's ego got a little boost from a clever nerd!

Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN AF - April 1, 2008
It's a quick podcast just to take care of some important business!
  • The Miles really IS the Hotness -- you can listen to him on The Strip Podcast and love him as we do!
  • Crocs are comfortable! And are they cute? You decide!
  • Don't forget to write to us at Amy or! Or leave us voice mail at 206-309-7232!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN - March 30, 2008
Amy and Bay are crazy! Wait, you already knew that. Well, episode 116 just proves it! We're confessing long-held secrets, getting ready for major surgery, playing with paper, and general frivolity. Enjoy listening! Don't forget to tune in soon for our next show!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN - March 23, 2008
Ignore the film crew following us from topic to topic. What? Oh, that's right, you can't see them! First, we welcome crafty new listeners to the fold. Grits to Glitz isn't a crafting podcast, but it is a podcast by crafty people! Amy discusses her fondness for documentaries, and Bay confesses that she's addicted to the John Adams miniseries on cable this month. While on the topic, we got off on a bunny trail about the ABC series, "What Would You Do?" -- well? What would we do? We would probably just podcast about it! Hi to lots of loyal listeners, and the Vocabulary Vixen is back with a pet peeve of her husband's. What drives you crazy? Email the Vixen! And finally, Amy reports on a Las Vegas tourist attraction, The Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton. Is it worth your vacation dollars?

Episode ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN - March 16, 2008
We're back! We're bad. We slacked! You're sad! No, seriously, we're back! And it's not exactly a typical Grits to Glitz episode. We need some practice to get back into the groove. We did manage to talk about how we need to get the Vocabulary Vixen back into the mix, so if you happen to have any suggestions, we encourage your input! Otherwise, we're happy that "Project Runway: Season 4" is over, yet it leaves us flailing about for a purpose. How's the weather in your neck of the woods? And we wax rhapsodic about Easter candy, and how Bay spent 10 years (or more) trying to force-feed Amy with candy that Bay doesn't even like. Why isn't the phone ringing? Call, man, call! and finally, we have pathetic puppy tales to tug at your heartstrings. Thank you for listening!
  • This post about Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs cracks us up -- they've even analyzed the peanut-butter-to-chocolate ratio!
  • It is just entirely too bad that Amy doesn't love Peeps, because this website is almost enough to convert a non-fan!
  • Hector loves his ball! (And Bay's daughter points out, "Mom, that's not Hector's ball -- he was neutered YEARS ago!")
    Hector loves his wiffle ball
  • And finally, if Bay ever gets a Welsh corgi, she wants to get it involved in this canine sport!

Episode ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN PR - Project Runway Special - March 5, 2008
OK, we weren't surprised. Well, sorta. We still thought Rami had a fighting chance until 10 minutes into the finale, at which point we both read the writing on the wall. Another season of Project Runway wraps up, and while the winner is almost as disappointing as the guest judge, we're glad we didn't have to judge the runway. Now can we get back to normal podcasting? Because we would much rather dish about fabulous Las Vegas headliners like Bette Midler than model-starving designers like Christian!
  • We're sure Tom & Lorenzo will have wonderful things to say about the season finale on Project Rungay!
  • We always love the team at Blogging Project Runway, and they've done such great things for the Internet community of PR watchers!
  • And finally, we love love love Jay McCarroll and wish we could have sat with him during the show at Bryant Park!

Episode ONE HUNDRED TWELVE PR - Project Runway Special - February 27, 2008
Special guest caller Sean in Arkansas asks this week's question, but you know we thought it, too! We just dish a bit about the final competition between Chris and Rami, and darn it, we think the judges were biased. So now we don't really care who wins the final showdown. Ho hum. Can Bravo please cast some more interesting designers for Season 5? Does Bay have to watch Top Design Season 2? Is Amy's puppy Lola going to critique any designer gowns? These questions and more may or may not be answered on this week's episode of... Grits to Glitz!
  • Whenever you need a laugh, Tom and Lorenzo deliver on Project Rungay. Especially with posts like this!
Episode ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN PR - Project Runway Special - February 20, 2008
Why didn't any designer behave like Lupé! We're a little bit rambly and sorta fierce, and we kinda think Project Runway Season 4's reunion show was a big deal. So we dished about the dishing and the pouting, the name-calling and the unchecked emotions, and exactly who was the bitch, anyway? Bay gets to quote Mel Brooks, and Amy just saw Bette Midler, so we're definitely up to date on our diva thoughts! Can't wait 'til next week's PR!

Episode ONE HUNDRED TEN PR - Project Runway Special - February 13, 2008
Five designers left! One art museum! Three departments full of inspiration! One bag o' crazy and three big bags o' puffy sleeves equals...!!! One flock o' feathery inspiration? Wait a second, there was only one set of puffy sleeves. OK, maybe we're not the best at math, but we do love the Project Runway! We especially loved Roberto Cavalli. Oh, what a wonderful judge! This was such an exciting episode, and we had such a great time dishing about it. Can't wait to hear what you think! Call us and comment -- 206-309-7232!
Episode ONE HUNDRED NINE PR - Project Runway Special - February 6, 2008
We wanna hang out with Christian and his wrestling alter-ego! We also want to hear Tim Gunn refer to "Green Acres" more often, and we totally love whatever Chris is making, whether it's leopard-print spandex or not. We loved this episode! So do our listeners, and we had some great listener voice mail in the last couple of weeks. So who's going to Bryant Park? We'll find out sooner than next Wednesday, but just like regular PR viewers, we're pretending like we don't have the inside scoop! (P.S. -- Gotta send some love to that bitch Michael Kors -- work it out, pope!)
Episode ONE HUNDRED NINE - February 4, 2008
It's a 7-minute recap of Bay's week in Las Vegas, plus a short review of California scenery, puppy dogs, and the crazy things that tourists do in Sin City -- like trying to find the only historic hand-painted beams in an 80-year-old former movie theater building. It's one of the oldest standing structures in the whole city! Go see it before it's gone, that's Bay's motto! Thank heaven we had Amy around to help with our gambling efforts (cashing out when you're even or up is smart!), and somehow the week flew by and we still didn't do all the things we wanted to do. Darn it, maybe Bay will go back again sometime this year! This is the true meaning of "grits" (Bay) to "glitz" (Amy)... right?
  • We had a fabulous evening at Rao's despite bad reviews and much trepidation.
  • And as soon as Amy adds some bulldog video, check out the latest addition to her family on YouTube! ** Coming soon **
Episode ONE HUNDRED EIGHT - January 27, 2008
On the eve of Bay's trip to Las Vegas, there's only one topic of conversation: the itinerary for fun! There's really too much fun to be had in Las Vegas, and we haven't even found a time slot for gambling. We're planning a side trip to California to pick up the world's most adorable puppy, and we'll be putting a check mark next to one more Cirque du Soleil show. Then there's the dining and the booze juggling and the fountain hopping and more. Just wait for the recap after all is said and done!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVEN PR - Project Runway Special - January 23, 2008
Oh, my gosh, how we loved Sweet P's exhibitionism! Tonight's PR episode was super exciting with lots of action and angst. Bay really identified with Christian -- didn't you? And honestly, at this point, we're ready to ride along with the judges' decisions. We think Tom & Lorenzo of the Project Rungay blog have it all right: There's nothing wrong with this season except the excitement of fresh, young, untried, untested, and desperate talent. And we laughed really hard about something, but you'll just have to listen to the show to find out what exactly!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SEVEN - January 20, 2008
Who's askin' -- are we too bitchy? Yes. Listen to this episode to find out how and why! This is a crazy show that runs the gamut from adoring Miles to wanting puppies and right on up to our great appreciation of "the balls of hell"! We dare you to listen -- the bitch, yes, the bitch, yes, the bitches are back, dammit!
  • Maggiano's Little Italy really is a chain restaurant.
  • So is Fazzoli's.
  • And WalMart is ubiquitously middle America.
  • But who wouldn't love to buy cheese graters at Williams Sonoma?
  • So where can you find cute puppies? YouTube, of course! (Amy's is the one trying to eat from the only spot where there isn't food.)
Episode ONE HUNDRED SIX PR - Project Runway Special - January 16, 2008
Isn't Amy fabulous? No, isn't Bay fabulous?! No, YOU are fabulous! We love that Michael Kors for giving us an excuse to gush about something! Amid accusations that we're too mean, Bay is just mad because she didn't have any excuses for being really mean tonight. We're surprised by the auf'ing, and we disagree with the winner, but really, Christian was really well-behaved tonight and totally adorable in certain moments. Amy is worried because she doesn't have a "favorite" designer, but Bay remembers old seasons when she didn't have a favorite, and she's OK with waiting to fall in love with a designer. (Pssst... why didn't anyone notice that this was a three-Tim-Gunn-visits ep? Delicious!) Listen to The Daily Purge! Read Blogging Project Runway! Read Project Rungay! And for heaven's sake call us and let us know what you think! Are we too sweet, or does Jack deserve a lashing?
  • Listen to The Daily Purge! They're fabulous, and they're much nicer than we are.
  • Read Tom & Lorenzo's intelligent and delicious PR dishery!!! (We really do love them more than Michael Kors.)
  • And when you really want to hang out with the nice kids, they get no nicer than the gang at Blogging Project Runway. Smooches, bitches!
Episode ONE HUNDRED SIX - January 13, 2008
It's a super-short show, mostly because we just couldn't resist rebutting our dear friend Miles (of The Strip Podcast). Miles says our Italian restaurant pick is lame-o. Well, Miles doesn't use the word "lame-o," because he's too cool and fabulous. Anyway, we're just desperate to earn Miles' approval, so we spend fifteen minutes dissecting his fabulous voice mail and wondering if any restaurant is worth it if you have to get a bank loan to dine in it. But that's OK! Because Bay's going to Vegas, baby!
  • When preparing for a trip to Las Vegas, always listen to The Strip Podcast by Miles and Steve.
  • And check out Steve's fabulous guidebook to that same city, Gay Vegas.
  • Eat at Mon Ami Gabi, where you might find Amy & Bay slurping mojitos while waiting for their affordable entrees!
  • Try the incredibly expensive duck spring rolls at The Mix Lounge!
  • Will Maggiano's Little Italy be such a terrible gastronomic mistake?
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIVE PR - Project Runway Special - January 9, 2008
Whether it's big hair or big drama, we're lovin' tonight's glorious episode of Project Runway. We saw a return to good, old-fashioned, whiny designer drama! And we love it! So while we're trying to decide whether to dish about our own prom dresses (perfect, by the way, and completely tasteful, elegant and stylish) or our prom dates (ehhhh, not so perfect), the remaining eight designers threw a great, big, beautiful bitch fest for our delectation. Can't wait to hear what you think! Call us at 206-309-7232, and maybe we'll play your comments on the show! You can join the ranks of some of our favorite listeners -- whose messages help us round out our thoughts about last week's PR!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FIVE - January 6, 2008
It's a scary show! Darn it. We didn't mean for it to be so frightening, but we started talking about a horror movie, and things just snowballed from there. What did we think of "I Am Legend"? Which one of us had to sleep with the lights on after seeing it? Why can't we just cuddle our pets to get us through our frights? Is it because they're sleeping in strange places?? And how many more times can we say that we've got great voice mail for the Wednesday night show? Shawn in IL needs to get his holiday wish granted! And furthermore -- what if we forgot something in the description? Will you still listen to the show even if I can't write great descriptions? OMG! I'm gonna panic now!
Episode ONE HUNDRED FOUR PR - Project Runway Special - January 2, 2008
It's back, it's back, it's finally back! And, oh, goodness gracious -- was it duller than usual this week? Or is Bay just having a mental breakdown due to tweeting birds? We've got some great dish from listeners and friends -- you guys rock! Since this week's episode was so lacking in drama, Amy and Bay have a few suggestions for ways to make the show more interesting. Anyone want to see flaming dresses being juggled? We would even throw in a unicycle! Seriously, tune in to see whether we agree or disagree with the judges' decisions!
  • As always, check out the latest in positive PR news and gossip, community and camaraderie on Blogging Project Runway!
  • Tom & Lorenzo dish up faaaaaabulous snark on Project Rungay (and they give away great stuff, too!)
  • We were going to suggest some other PR podcasts, but Tim's still not recording one. Sniffle!
  • And don't forget the latest snarkfest! We're still lovin' Project Stunway!
Episolde ONE HUNDRED FOUR - January 1, 2008
Stranded in East Tennessee for a week, Amy and Bay stored up oodles of things to talk about on their next "regular" show. But when is Grits to Glitz ever "regular"? A little of this, a little of that -- very little of that -- and the next thing you know, it's time for Bay to confess what she bought for herself when all the crappy Christmas presents were discounted by 70% at Kmart. (Ch-ch-ch-cheezy!) Did Amy get what she wanted for the holidays? Is it 2008 yet? And why, oh, why didn't anyone warn Bay that there would be a pop quiz about the movie they saw Thursday night? Happy new year, beloved listeners! Call us at 206-309-7232 and leave us some more voice mail!