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2007 Episodes

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Episode ONE HUNDRED THREE PR - Project Runway Special - December 30, 2007
Visions of sugarplums? Not Bay and Amy! We were dreaming of a Project Runway Christmas, and it's been so long since the last episode, we couldn't contain ourselves! Here's a bonus Glitz Blitz episode in which we ponder some deep Project Runway mysteries: Is Christian as bad as we've imagined? Is Tim Gunn really honest with us? Are we really so gullible as to be swayed by clever editing? Well...maybe. Thanks to some thought provoking voice mails from listeners, we have a lot to discuss, and it couldn't wait 'til the next episode of Project Runway airs!

Episode ONE HUNDRED THREE - December 19, 2007
Weeeeee... wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas... and we wish we could grant all your holiday wishes!
  • Have you ever wondered what sorts of things the holidays provide for kitty ingestion? Wonder no more -- Cute With Chris has more answers than you ever wanted to know!
  • We like podcasters who can put music in the background of their wish lists! If you're heading to San Francisco, you need to check out our friend Gregory's nifty podcast, Anything San Francisco!
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWO PR - Project Runway Special - December 12, 2007
Hurrah! Real women! Oh, wait. What? Oh! We! How could they?! And then a pimple was the downfall of...really? But the good news're kidding me! We're all aflutter about this action-packed episode. Be sure to drop us a line at amy or or give us a call at 206-309-7232.
Episode ONE HUNDRED TWO - December 9, 2007
OK, we went a little crazy and strayed from the path. Is that so wrong? Amy was busy this week, what with lunching and shopping and going to art fests! Bay was less busy, but she still managed to get a little shopping in! And it's the most wonderful time of the year! Why? Because we're planning our trips to Tennessee or Las Vegas! (Amy's coming to TN for Christmas, and Bay's off to LV in March. See y'all there!) Call in and tell us your holiday wishes! 206-309-7232, we're waiting!
  • Check out the Springs Preserve, where Las Vegas began, and be sure to stop off for a bite at Wolfgang Puck's Cafe!
  • See? Las Vegas has art! Some of it's a bit macabre, but it's art! (Click the thumbnails to see larger images.)
Skull ornamentMonster shirtHeart charmBomb thinking of a match
Episode ONE HUNDRED ONE PR - Project Runway Special - December 5, 2007
OK, look: Tonight's episode of Project Runway was crazy. We know it, you know it, the designers know it, and we bet Bravo knows it, too.  It was wild and hairy. And we have lots to say about it, but we're conflicted and we're really wondering -- if we podcast this fast every episode, it's hard to form coherent opinions. Except this: We Know The Judges Were Wrong Tonight. We disagree. Strongly. And those were some nasty-ass trends forced upon poor, unsuspecting designers this week. We're just saying. Is all.
  • Stop picking on Blogging Project Runway! It's brilliant, positive, uplifting, and informative! So, bitches, quit the negative!
  • And one of our new favorite blogs shouldn't be missed: Check out Project Stunway!
  • But as always, we can't wait to see what Tom and Lorenzo will have to say about tonight's ep!
Episode ONE HUNDRED ONE - December 2, 2007
While Amy and Bay are still reeling from the glory of 100 episodes, our listeners are also weighing in with lots of thoughts on turning 100 and celebrity encounters. Yay, Grits to Glitz! Yay, listeners! The first order of business is finding out if the Big Ass Wreath is in place yet, and whether or not Bay is ever gonna catch up with Amy's holiday decorating prowess. (Erm... isn't food a priority in anyone's book?) We hear from beloved longtime listeners in far-flung lands like Oz and California, and we squeal with delight over some PR dishing with another podcaster we love. Hey! Call us and tell us what's on your holiday wish list! We're definitely hoping to hear from the naughty kids. 206-309-7232!!!
  • Amy's Big Ass Wreath looked like this last year. This year it has poinsettias. Cooooooool. Update: Here's the new and improved wreath!
  • Get your hair pulled by Gene Simmons just like Amy did! He's probably playing a city near you sometime soon!
  • Bay loves Kathy Griffin, but Kathy Griffin doesn't love Southerners. How can we change her mind?
  • Send us your naughtiest holiday wish list items! Call us at 206-309-7232, or email!
Episode ONE HUNDRED PR - Project Runway Special - November 28, 2007
We're still trying to figure out how to make a podcast short, and darn it, with all these designers and all their fabulously interesting designs, it's just impossible! So we're up to our eyebrows in drama this week, which Bay loved, and the judges didn't kick off the wrong person, which Amy loved. Although Bay wished they didn't kick off anyone. And Amy wished someone else had been in the top 2. And darn it, why are they doing a menswear challenge, anyway? But it was fun! Someone brought a big bag of crazy and left it all over the workroom floor!
  • Get Carmen's book about deconstructing t-shirts, and learn from one of this season's contestants. Carmen, we're gonna miss you!
  • Always remember to check Blogging Project Runway. (Ooh, the great stuff they find out over there!)
  • And we hang on every word uttered by Tom and Lorenzo at Project Rungay!
Episode ONE HUNDRED!!!!! - November 24, 2007
ONE HUNDRED EPISODES!!!!!! We couldn't figure out a way to hold a ticker-tape parade on the Internet without crashing a bunch of servers, so we went with the next-best option: A LIVE SHOW IN FRONT OF A LIVE AUDIENCE!!!!!!! Big, big honkin' thanks to everyone who dropped in the chat room -- you're the bestest! And special, special guests dropped by and surprised us, which was super cool. Even though it left Bay kind of speechless! Big, big thanks to fabulous musician Robert Morgan Fisher, who is the coolest of all time, especially with his cans of greasy coffee beans. And huge thanks to Steve and Miles of The Strip Podcast -- Steve is so sweet, and Miles is such a hottie, even on the phone! We could go on forever. Is this an Academy Award acceptance speech? The orchestra is going to start playing any minute. Basically, this episode was just a total party from beginning to end! Thanks to all our fabulous listeners!!!!!
Episode NINETY-NINE PR - Project Runway Special - November 21, 2007
Don't you love how quickly things can change at the start of a new season? Amy's done an about face on one designer's work, and Bay has made her choice for the designer most likely to find employment in Idaho. Bring your hankies and settle in for an analysis of design on a dime, Project Runway style!
  • As always, Blogging Project Runway and Project Rungay are the two indispensable sources of all things PR!
  • Join us for our big 100th episode celebration! We'll be recording with a live audience for the first time, and you can join us on Saturday, November 24 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time, 2:00 p.m. Eastern. Take part in the live chat at!
Episode NINETY-NINE - November 18, 2007
Call 206-309-7232 to leave voice mail about this long episode! Not a lot of topics were covered, but the ones discussed were extra-juicy for this nearing-the-centennial show! First up, how 'bout a little more Project Runway Season 4 dish? Amy and Bay are still disagreeing about some pretty major points, and we would love to know how y'all feel about it, too! Secondly, Bay drags out the Vocabulary Vixen for a little stroll to the window. And finally, Amy had a grand adventure at Planet Hollywood this weekend. Who knew she had such a killer sense of irony in celebrity encounters?!?
  • Blogging Project Runway readers agree with Amy about Chris' purple dress in the first episode of Season 4.
  • But Tom & Lorenzo are on Bay's side about Elisa's creativity and genius.
  • Bay has a Facebook page -- do you? If you do, look her up. She's the only Bay Loftis in the world!
  • Steve & Miles host a really cool podcast called The Strip. We're just not sure how gay Miles really is, because... well, you'll find out during the show. 
  • Hang out at Planet Ho with Amy and other celebrity watchers!
Episode NINETY-EIGHT PR - Project Runway Special - November 14, 2007
We're overwhelmed with the opening night of Project Runway Season 4, but we still manage to totally disagree about who's the craziest new contestant, and Bay gets grossed out. Regardless, Heidi looks fabulous this season, Tim is by far the best part of PR (and the viewers voted and agree!), and we can't wait 'til Jillian opens her big bag of crazy and lets it all hang out. Go, Project Runway!
Episode NINETY-EIGHT - November 11, 2007
While waiting for our much-anticipated 100th show and the glorious singing of "Greasy Coffee Beans" sure to ensue, a catastrophe befell our voice mail line. WE LOST OUR OLD VOICE MAIL NUMBER! Gosh, now we have to remember a whole new number. And so do you, our fabulous listeners! So we practiced saying it a lot in Episode 98. 206-309-7232! Call us and sing "Greasy Coffee Beans" for our hundredth show! Amy is still singing other tunes -- she got to see James Taylor in Las Vegas. Hear her review of the Mandalay Bay event arena! Hear Bay call Amy some foul names! Project Runway Season 4 is almost upon us -- eeeee! We can't wait, we can't wait, we can't wait for Wednesday night! And finally, Amy is a con artist -- she auctioned off a dollar bill for more than a couple of dollars. Crazy! But no crazier than our new voice mail number, which, just to say it again, is 206-309-7232. Give it a try! And while you're at it, be ready to sing.

Episode NINETY-SEVEN - November 4, 2007
Boy, we really can talk a lot, can't we? [Inside joke -- ROFL!] So, what did we discuss this week? For starters, the retail trend of putting holiday gifts on sale before Black Friday. Good idea? Or cruel vagary of fate played on poor planners like Bay? And we recapped our Halloween activities -- it was a very unusual year, filled with fun! Amy and Paul went to First Friday in Las Vegas, while Bay calls her favorite new friend a terrible name. (Somehow, Bay thinks it's a compliment.) HEY! We're almost 100 episodes old! Call us and sing "Greasy Coffee Beans" for us! 206-424-4748, call us and sing!
  • If it's been around for a decade, the SunSpot must be good!
  • Or if you're on the other coast on the First Friday of the month, don your blackest t-shirt and go hang out with the angry youth!
Episode NINETY-SIX - October 28, 2007
Once again, Bay is at a complete loss to describe this week's show. Why? Well, it was a little frenetic. Just a wee bit. From a scary Starbucks story to a little parrot-news dishing, the Grits to Glitz gals ran the gamut from strange to just plain silly. And we got listener email! And more! You just have to listen hard to keep up, that's all!
  • Find a Starbucks near you to see if anyone shoots anything at you.
  • Insight ActiviToys for parrots large and small are proving popular with our birds!
  • Have you seen the dancing cockatoo? We have. Do you like the Backstreet Boys? We do -- when they're accompanied by a dancing cockatoo!
  • Be crazy like Bay. Sign up to write a whole book in November
Episode NINETY-FIVE - October 14, 2007
Note from Bay: I can't remember what we talked about. I'm sure it was all exciting. We mentioned game shows and new game shows and people who try out for game shows and then wait by the phone. And then we talked about scrapbooking and sewing. (Guess we should've uploaded some pics, huh?) And then we apologized to our former listener who recently started listening again, and then Amy told me we can't do next year's April Fool's prank until April 1st, but I really don't want to wait. It's not a prank, exactly. It's just brilliant.

And other than that, I'm not sure what we talked about, but I know I had to wipe tears from my eyes from laughing. So these are my Episode 95 show descriptions, and you'll just have to listen!
Episode NINETY-FOUR - October 1, 2007
Hey, we're back! And only a little late, thanks to Bay's complete ineptitude with the nifty new recording device. (Note from Amy: Bay wrote that.) Snort! That's OK, we still garnered a mention on one of our favorite podcasts! So -- what is it with ventriloquists these days? And we're dishing the dirt about fall TV, and we still found time to choose a winner in our fabulous "Chase a pigeon" contest! Sure, it's an eclectic show -- it's Grits to Glitz!
  • Check out the fun and frivolity (strictly adult!) of the PNS Explosion -- they have sound effects galore!
  • Or listen to the more sedate and lovely How Much Do We Love!
  • Buy a Jeff Dunham DVD at Walmart or from his website, and find out why Bay and her son now yell, "SILENCE! I KEEL YOU!" on a regular basis.
  • And since ventriloquism is so hot, hear Las Vegas's own Ronn Lucas on the next episode of The Strip!
Episode NINETY-THREE - September 23, 2007
We're back! And Bay doesn't sound like she's drowning in a tunnel! YAY! And while we're mostly just giddy at the prospect of an easy-to-edit podcast, we do have some stuff to chat about. Like how Amy's famous in Japan. Well, her viral video is! And is Amy hanging out in the smoker's corner again? WHAT? You'll just have to listen to find out the answer! And Bay went mountain climbing! (Did she yodel? We'll never tell...) We heard from more of our favorite listeners! Our Scarecrow Contest rages on! And can you believe we can fill an entire half hour with this drivel? Yes, we can, too!
Episode NINETY-TWO - September 16, 2007
Listen carefully and between the Skype skips you may hear about Amy's viral video. Remember the pigeon scaring video from back in May? Well, it's been discovered and is making the rounds of the internet video sharing sites. What a kick! To celebrate, we're giving away a brand new ScareCrow, a motion-activated sprinkler just like the one that starred in the video! Call 206-G2G-GRIT to enter! Meanwhile, Bay is reminiscing about how music can bring back the fond memories of youthful summers filled with romance, and Amy's reminded of how Lionel Ritchie kept singing the same song over and over one fateful night. Finally, a Vegas-bound listener remembers her own encounter with a not so friendly bit of wildlife. Maybe she could use a motion-activated sprinkler!
Episode NINETY-ONE - September 10, 2007
We could write a really long description of a really long podcast, but why don't we let our voices do all the hard work? Amy's back from her fabulous cruise! Bay has had fabulous interaction with native wildlife! (And no, it didn't involve salsa dancing, more's the pity.) And neither of us has had a cigarette in weeks. Yea, Grits to Glitz!
Episode NINETY - August 26, 2007
We're not podfading! We're not podfading! Even though some of us are really boring, we are NOT podfading! So tonight's episode comes to you with absolutely no pre-planning whatsoever and more than a couple of Skype and network problems. But that's OK, because Bay quit smoking, and now Amy and Bay are both smoke free! Unfortunately, as a direct result, they have a really hard time talking about anything that doesn't involve quitting. And we're sorry! But that's how it is at Grits to Glitz headquarters these days. Soon we'll be back to normal! In the meantime, Amy is redecorating, and Bay is dining out. And we're off next week while Amy tours Alaska, so soak up the G2G stuff while ye may!
  • If you, like Bay, are still a third-class citizen who loves tobacco, but your family is threatening to leave you behind the next time they go on vacation, get a prescription to Chantix. It works even when you don't really want it to. 
  • If you, like Amy, like to take cruises to exotic locations, visit Alaska on a gorgeous ship!
  • Amy's entryway (click thumbnails for larger pictures):
    Before -- Entryway before -- and After -- Entryway after
    Much better, don't you think?! And say goodbye to the casino carpet peeking out of the left corner of the before picture. It's going away soon!
  • Come to Knoxville and try this darling little place. It hardly seems to fit in with the rest of the crowd -- and maybe that's why Bay likes Table Fifteen so much!
  • Bay totally forgot to say something to Sean in Arkansas on the podcast, so she's saying it in the links -- Sean, have fun at Disneyland!!!
  • Listener Kristina included us in her blog -- we're honored! We definitely have a mutual admiration society here!
Episode EIGHTY-NINE - August 12, 2007
Hide the sharp objects from Amy and settle down with Bay for some delicious coconut cake. We've got some ground to cover! There's the health report, the travel news, and even a surprise ending! (It's a happy one!)
  • Try to quit smoking with Chantix! But read up on some blogs for moral support, and you might want to take it longer than a week before ya quit.
  • Listen to -- like Amy and listener Lin in NJ did this last weekend. There's a special surprise on the 100th episode! 
  • Bertrand Russell was a kind of negative fella, but that's OK, because we can still gossip about other people's virtues, secret and known! 
  • We're always crazy about How Much Do We Love, but this week's episode is especially fun for Bay. Drink up!
Episode EIGHTY-EIGHT - August 5, 2007
We could have talked all night, we could have talked all night, and still have talked some more... OK, that won't get us $100K on a game show, but we still had fun chatting this week! Topics up for grabs include Amy's increasingly adventurous Alaskan cruise plans, lyrical game shows, Craigslist's bid to take over the world, and whatever happened to Lake Superior. (Paranoia can destroy ya...) Hey, y'all, Bay's on drugs! And finally, we're very worried about the unnecessary bruising of delicate leafy vegetables. Wondering what it's all about? Well, heck, we are, too! Join us now for a chick chat gab fest!
Episode EIGHTY-SEVEN - July 29, 2007
It's Grits to Glitz with a techno beat! And a new segment! First we'll reveal the truly ugly side of Vegas -- just when you thought rain was a good idea, Amy shares the unvarnished truth. Oh, the horror! After such an unpleasant start, we had to take a minute to enjoy one of our favorite displays of natural beauty combined with fabulous bitchiness: Hummingbirds! And of course, Bay loves shoppin', so she just had to talk about her most recent purchase. Speaking of fancy playthings, how are Hollywood starlets and teenaged elephants alike? Amy tells all in a segment on gossip that we haven't indulged in for ages! And finally, we unveil our latest attempt at a regular segment: iGoogle Glitz! Find out how Bay and Amy really feel about "roughing it". If we can't bring the air conditioner, is it worth it?
  • Insight ActiviToys have long been a favorite of smaller parrots -- now you can get 'em for your big birdies, and that makes Bay a very happy, savvy shopper!
  • We tried to find a family-friendly gossip site to link in our section about badly behaved Hollywood starlets, but we think the classic sources say it best (with champagne wishes and caviar dreams, of course)!
  • In case you are an outdoorsman who never learned how -- just in case, because, y'know, we're your go-to gals! -- here's the How To of the Day that makes us glad we don't go camping any more!

Episode EIGHTY-SIX - July 22, 2007
We are going a little bit crazy as we've overcome one of our technical difficulties -- so the chat is a bit frenetic! Join us as we discuss Amy's Alaskan cruise plans, Bay's movie-viewing habits, and more! That hottie Miles from The Strip Podcast drops in with the results of the Fabulous Vacation Photo Contest -- thanks to Steve and Miles for their judging prowess! Are you something of a mixologist? Then you need to check out How Much Do We Love's summer cocktail contest -- Bay's up to her elbows in plans and booze! And finally, we play a clip from a loyal listener who wants to know why we've been podfading. We're sorry! We really are! But if we get our recording details worked out, we hope to debut a new segment soon!
Episode EIGHTY-FIVE - July 15, 2007
Short and sweet and to the point! The suspense builds as we await the judges' verdict on the Vacation Photo Contest! Meanwhile, Amy and Bay are making a special guest appearance on the Petcast, so hear what we sound like in a real studio at

Episode EIGHTY-FOUR - July 8, 2007
It's bittersweet, but we think we're gonna hafta take a little break and try to re-glitz the podcast a little. Why? Well, listen and hear as Bay skips and tweets and turns into a robotic voice, all thanks to the rotten Skype connection! It's enough to make transcontinental podcasters want to scream! But we'll shriek with delight over listener Lin's gorgeous and well-dressed Amazon parrot! See PollyEster! See PollyEster's beauteous array of Tim Tams! And finally, Bay's keeping a beetle hostage. Why not? All the other june bugs in Tennessee probably wish they could enjoy air conditioned living, too!
PollyEster the Amazon parrot and her collection of TimTams

Episode EIGHTY-THREE - July 5, 2007
Happy just-after Independence Day! We're doing a short show this week, but we just wanted to talk about our Fourth of July festivities (Bay blew stuff up while Amy visited a very cool place). And don't forget -- enter our Vacation Photo Contest! Deadline's July 7th! E-mail your entries to and win a 3-night stay in her lovely cabin!
Episode EIGHTY-TWO - July 1, 2007
In a conversation that runs the gamut from diet to dining and from politics to music, Amy and Bay just go crazy now that they can't play in the pool together. Darn it! Oh, well, at least we can still podcast! First up, we debate the pros and cons of Amy's weight loss plan while Bay thinks about joining her in the NutriSystem world of pre-packaged meals. Then we heap some more lovin' on The Strip Podcast, especially now that some of our loyal listeners are getting a dose of glitz from it, too! Amy fills us in on the scandals in Las Vegas, and Bay gets to play a whole gorgeous song on the podcast that makes her cry. Go, Ingrid Michaelson! You rock the Grits to Glitz world!
  • Thinking about losing some weight? You might want to consider NutriSystem -- it works for Amy!
  • Tired of the diet? Go to Las Vegas and have a fabulous steak at famous Hugo's Cellar!
  • Listen to The Strip Podcast! As well as being visually very hot, they interview crazy people like Liza Minnelli and fabulous people like Mel Brooks!
  • Bay's new motto, "The penalty for being a bitch isn't death," stems from this thrilling only-in-Nevada scandal.
  • Run, do not walk, and listen to all of Ingrid Michaelson's glorious music. It makes Bay cry!
Episode EIGHTY-ONE - June 26, 2007
It's a Grits to Glitz slumber party! We've donned our pj's and popped some popcorn for a Las Vegas soiree! This show marks the first time Amy and Bay have been together in one room in Amy's new hometown, and -- hey, we'll be honest -- we were exhausted from all the fun we had over the long weekend! Join us as we recount our top 5 favorite things about Las Vegas for this 2007 gathering, from restaurants to shows to things only the locals know about and right up to the kitchen sink. OK, it's not really the kitchen sink, but it's darned close. (Cuz Amy's kitchen looks out over Amy's backyard pool!) And... Time's a-wastin'! Don't forget to enter our Vacation Photo Contest! Rules are simple: Send your best vacation photo to by July 7th. The winner of a 3-night stay in Amy's cabin in the Smokies will be announced July 14th!
Episode EIGHTY - June 20, 2007
Bay's trip to Las Vegas is almost here! How could she be too busy to podcast? Check out this special edition of Grits to Glitz and find out who's going to a casino with two beautiful women and finding himself in trouble with the mob. And don't forget the big vacation photo contest! Send those entries to to win a three-night stay at a peaceful Tennessee mountain hideaway!

Episode SEVENTY-NINE - June 17, 2007
Put on your best hick accent and hang out with Bay! Or grab your nearest cocktail napkin and put on the glitz with Amy! Either way, kick back and listen as Bay and Amy discuss the haps on both sides of the continent. Mostly, we're just dying for the weekend so that Bay can visit Amy in Las Vegas and go have some grown-up good times. But we're also really excited because Amy's husband just bought a new car that Bay -- and some trees -- can really appreciate. Then Bay goes off on some bunny trails about gorgeous old Franklin, Tennessee, and we wrap up with the goods on our Vacation Photo Contest.

Episode SEVENTY-EIGHT - June 13, 2007
A Wednesday night show! A Wednesday night show! We hardly know what to talk about, since Project Runway isn't going strong at the moment, but we still manage to get in some interesting TV notes. Amy's getting into On the Lot, and Bay loved the premiere of Top Chef Season 3. But really, the main dish is: Bay's going to visit Amy in Las Vegas! As a savvy Las Vegas visitor, this trip is going to be devoted to all things animalistic in nature. Dolphins... lions... tigers... and naked men? What? Tune in to find out what's on tap for Bay's next trip to Amy's new hometown!
  • Get a load of fabulous independent film-making from FOX TV's On The Lot!
  • Or dream up a dish of culinary delight while watching Top Chef Season 3!
  • The Mirage Las Vegas/Siegfried & Roy's Secret Gardens are a siren call to two animalistic podcasters!
  • Tackle Broadway star Brad Oscar like the animal that Bay is, and see a fabulous show while you're at it!
  • Find a Cirque du Soleil show that's right for you -- Amy & Bay both loved "Mystere" but are keeping their minds open for more!
  • For the real "animals" in our listener list: Are Bay & Amy brave enough for Thunder... from Down Under???
  • Enter our Vacation Photo Contest! Email your favorite picture to! Entries due by July 7th!
Episode SEVENTY-SEVEN - June 10, 2007
We're playing catch-up after weeks of improper podcasting. Will we get a ticket? Listen as we speed through a re-hash of our pro-bulldog rant (it's gonna be on the Petcast in a few weeks!), Amy's happy work news item, Bay's happy home dish, the joys of wedding video editing, and our Shear Genius finale recap. (We still think Tabatha should've won, and we adore Vidal Sasson!) It's all so quick'n'gritty, we named it Instant Grits! The bigger Glitz Bits? Yeah, we have those, too! Amy saw a not-so-fabulous Las Vegas magic show, and Bay tested the limits of a policeman's patience -- and lived to tell the tale! Don't forget to send us your favorite vacation snapshot for our Vacation Photo Contest. The prize is as cool as a Smoky Mountain breeze!
  • Listen to the Petcast, which we love! (Even when we're not a featured clip!)
  • If easy-to-please Amy can't say anything nice, you know it has to be bad. Avoid Hans Klok's "The Beauty of Magic".
  • Enter the Vacation Photo Contest! Send your entries to You could win a three-night stay in a Smoky Mountain cabin!
  • Website bonus Link! We forgot to mention it, but Bay bought cute new Crocs. They're just as cute as they are comfy!
  • Don't forget to check out the pigeon excitement in Amy's yard!
Episode SEVENTY-SIX - June 3, 2007
No, we haven't been abducted by aliens, and we don't have scurvy. It's just that we're horribly busy, and Bay's air conditioner is broken. We had to stop by, though, and remind y'all about the big vacation picture contest. Don't forget to enter!

Episode SEVENTY-FIVE - May 27, 2007
We're all back where we belong and finally we're able to launch a proper podcast! Well, OK, we do go off on a few tangents. But y'all expect that of us, right? Right! So come along and listen as we discuss how to tell when your vacation is officially over, how robbed Tabatha was of her proper title "Shear Genius," and a little bit of the animal news you know we can't resist. Like, how much we miss our pets while on vacation, and how our favorite Petcast hostess Emily needs to get to know some good English bulldogs. But wait, there's more! There's hummingbird news, and pigeon news, and even parrot news from Parrot Jungle Island! AND! Enter our fabulous new contest! Who's ready to stay three nights for free in the Smokies? Get the scoop on Grits to Glitz!
  • We're on the edge of our seats to see what happens on the season finale of Shear Genius!
  • Listen to the Petcast, and let Steve & Emily know why bulldogs are so wonderful!
  • Amy got a water-zapping scarecrow to keep the pigeons out of her pool, and now the hummingbirds are so scared, they're trying to hide behind her husband Paul!
  • Crazy bird ladies like us loved the old Parrot Jungle. Now exotic animals of all sorts can be found at the glitzy new Parrot Jungle Island
  • Enter our contest! Send us your best vacation photo! Win a three night stay in Amy's cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains!
  • Finally, check out the pigeon action in Amy's spa!
Episode SEVENTY-FOUR - May 20, 2007
Planes, trains, and automobiles have been the theme for the last couple of shows. Bay is shaking it down in Miami while Amy's life has a decidedly avian theme of late. Video star Leon the bulldog makes an appearance, as do podcast stars from The Divacast. And we don't even want to think about the monstrous happenings on Shear Genius. Say it ain't so!
Episode SEVENTY-THREE - May 15, 2007
We're always giddy after we've had a chance to get together and spend some quality time, so this catch-up episode is a whirlwind of excitement! The Grits to Glitz girls are on the go, and it's Bay's turn to hit the road next. Amongst the headlines: Bay and Amy are awarded a coveted honor; both Tennessee's highway infrastructure and Amy's cabin provide religious experiences; and Bay's 14-year-old son reenacts one of OJ Simpson's best known performances. (No, not that one. The rental car commercial!)
  • Check out Amy's video of the mysterious images in her cabin's kitchen table!

Episode SEVENTY-TWO - May 5, 2007
Finally! The happy day has arrived! Amy and Bay both have Tim Tams -- or Arnott's Originals, whichever moniker you prefer -- and they're going to do a live Tim Tam Slam on the podcast! Has it ever been done before? Grits to Glitz breaks a podcasting barrier with chocolatey cookies and coffee! Oh, wait, you probably want to know what else we talked about. In non-Tim-Tam Grits Bits, Bay saw a movie without any zombies in it, Amy took her dear husband out to a really nice steak house for a birthday fete, and there are a few shopping stories, both in real life and in the online travel department. Go grab a cup of coffee! Get a Tim Tam! And get ready to Slam!!!!
  • Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost enunciate their way through Hot Fuzz, which clearly isn't Shaun of the Dead, but it's really good, anyway. 
  • Have a great, grown-up meal at the no-kids-allowed Becker's Steakhouse! Perfect for those late-night after-gambling sessions!
  • World Market was tons o' fun for Bay when she went shoppin' for Australian cookies!
  • Amy enjoyed listening to the Five Hundy by Midnight podcast -- a good Las Vegas travel podcast with some great recommendations. 
  • And she found some great bargains on!
  • Last, but certainly not least -- we highly recommend doing the Tim Tam Slam on your own! Get the delicious cookies, grab a cup of coffee, and let us know how your Tim Tam Slam goes!
  • Don't forget to check out the video of Amy's Tim Tam Slam!
Episode SEVENTY-ONE - May 2, 2007
Lots of Las Vegas show news! Some Tennessee show-off news! A birthday shout-out to a beloved G2G fan! Tim Tams (the Australian treat) are in the Witness Protection Plan! And Bay almost forgot to comment on the latest Shear Genius episode! Doesn't make any sense to you? It will! Well, it might. Just listen to the Grits to Glitz podcast for all your podcasting needs! (And for your surfing needs, we've got links on our website.)
  • So long, Celine -- HELLO, BETTE!
  • Listen to the Brad Oscar interview on The Strip Podcast -- another fabulous entertainer you should see if you're in Las Vegas.
  • Parrot Jungle in Miami was one of Bay's former favorite tourist spots. What will Parrot Jungle Island be like now that it's lost all connection with its rich history and quaint architecture?
  • Amy's going to hang out with gearheads in Tennessee's gorgeous Smoky Mountains!
  • Wanna check up on poor Britney Spears? Maybe you can buy House of Blues tickets from scalpers!
  • Join us for a transcontinental Tim Tam slam! These tasty Australian cookies are available in the US under the name "Arnott's Originals" at World Market stores nationwide!
  • C'mon, if this Juniors stuff weren't totally trampy, they would put it on humans instead of mannequins!
Episode SEVENTY - April 29, 2007
Maybe it's just because it's getting really warm, or maybe it's because we're crazy, but this show went wild. Why? We don't know. We couldn't even think of a question-of-the-week this time around! So join us for some totally pointless (but totally fun!) chatter about people we love who send in photos of themselves, listeners we call just because we're both online when they leave us voice mail, retail therapy (or the attempts to get some), flea markets, flea market foods and how they don't fit into the G2G diet regimen, how to connect with strangers via YouTube and podcasting, and some just generally strange but fun news. (Note to Sheryl Crow: Ewwwwwwwww!) Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to us, either, but at least we can still laugh about this crazy world!
  • Paul in Australia treks the globe to bring Tim Tams to Grits to Glitz!
    Tim Tams in TN!   Tim Tams in Vegas! (click to enlarge)
  • Woot, Woot, Woot, Woot sells pearls, Woot, Woot...
  • Yeah, it's old news, but it's still meaningful.
  • And if it makes you cry like it makes Bay cry, then maybe you should check out the official website.
  • This guy gives a Blondie tune a 21st century update.
  • Hans Klok might need bigger boxes for bigger star(s)!
Episode SIXTY-NINE - April 25, 2007
Beautiful girls, quipping nothing but pearls! ... Of wisdom and appreciation, that is! (Doesn't that description fit us perfectly?) It's a crazy show, because we have sooooo many things to discuss. We're still getting feedback on the "fun movies" show, and while we're talking great things to view, Amy's bulldog Leon is turning into a Motion.TV star! And of course, Bay is still enjoying Bravo's Shear Genius along with some of our listeners. Goodbye, Gay Frodo! Now, on to the point of this episode: When is the last time you stopped to appreciate something beautiful? We're getting downright *deep* about this one! Join us also as we preview the questions for one of our favorite podcasts, 5Questions. Don't forget to leave your answers for that podcast -- we really hope to hear you on that show!
Episode SIXTY-EIGHT - April 22, 2007
We're taking a wild ride through a lot of travel tips and commentary! Hop on the Grits to Glitz bus with us for stops at a theatre, a bagel shop, Australia, England, France, Japan, and Mexico. But where would you really like to spend your time? Yes, Las Vegas and East Tennessee! We even have a couple of comments about those locales. Now, where's your suitcase?
Episode SIXTY-SEVEN - April 18, 2007
It's a celebration of the G2G listeners and their emails and voice mails! Don't we just love hearing from you?!? Yes, we do! And finally we're taking time to highlight some of our favorite notes and quips! ... We've thought about it, and the best way to experience this week's show is... through our Links.
Episode SIXTY-SIX - April 15, 2007
We love movies. Yeah, we said it, we love movies. We love movies that make us think, cry, or stand up and cheer. And... we even love movies that are just so fabulously fun, we can't resist them. So tonight's show is devoted entirely to our favorite FUN movies. From cult classics to charming comedies, this week's Grits to Glitz is all about the movies that we just can't resist!
Episode SIXTY-FIVE - Top Design Finale Special - April 11, 2007
It's a good thing we don't try to make money as psychics, because we can't predict the future. At all! All in all, we thought the finale of Top Design was great -- we loved the "angst montage" at the start of the show, and we continue to adore the carpenters. Our favorite carpenters made it to the finale -- let's hear it for Carl and Ed and Sarah!!!! Yea, carpenters! In the final analysis, we were surprised by how much we loved *both* lofts, and thought that Matt was getting the "loser edit" on the show. So how surprised were we? Well... listen and find out!

Stuff we forgot to mention in this week's ep (because of the adrenaline): Kelly W Watch: We didn't even see what she was wearing or not wearing, because we were so boggled by the finished designs. And Matt posted a spoiler by unveiling his new website. He said on the show that if he won, he would have the money to start a firm of his own. Surprise, surprise, surprise -- we should have been paying closer attention!
Episode SIXTY-FOUR - April 8, 2007
Once upon a time, in a podcast far away, two princesses compared notes on life in the gritty hills of East Tennessee versus life in the glitzy land of Las Vegas. And then one day they pulled a bad April Fool's joke, all because one of the princesses was just tired from a weekend retreat. So this week we're back, and laughing more than ever.  From getting pampered to becoming a land baroness, and from one entertainer known for his fabulous eyewear to donning 3-D glasses to see a movie -- we're just having a blast with this podcast! No more silly pranks, we're back and we brought Vocabulary Vixen with us. Don't make us use her on you!
  • Go to a Retreat, or book a Banquet with your nearest Club Scrap FFC Crafter. Then you'll understand Bay's obsession.
  • Or, if you just have oodles of time on your hands for reading, you could read Bay's complete Retreat trip report on her blog. With pictures.
  • Amy's new cabin embodies the entire Grits to Glitz spectrum: the serenity and beauty of east Tennessee's mountains...with a tip of the hat to Sin City with its decadent hot tub and jacuzzi.
  • Go see Sir Elton John... in Las Vegas. Maybe Amy will drop by and say hi!
  • Or find the 3D glasses nearest you, and see a darlin' animated film!
  • And finally! ... Not to be confused with ending anything other than hunger.
Episode SIXTY-THREE - Top Design Special - April 4, 2007
Down to three designers left on Top Design, and... Well, we're shocked. Yes, we are. And we're down to rooting for the carpenters at this point. There's drama, and then there's melodrama, and dang it, there's treating one's hardworking support team with respect. Obviously we can't predict a winner of this melee -- can you? Jonathan Adler's winning smile has Bay so charmed that she didn't even see Kelly W. -- we wonder what the judges will wear next week!
Episode SIXTY-TWO B - April 2, 2007
We can't pull a fast one on you guys, can we? This second micro-episode explains the previous one...but there's no explanation for the strange disappearance of Bay!

Episode SIXTY-TWO - April 1, 2007
Just a short episode. Enjoy the music!

Episode SIXTY-ONE - Top Design Special - March 28, 2007
A good episode with pretty rooms and just the right amount of drama. Who're you calling bitchy, bitch? Check into a hotel and cozy up with some deep Top Design dish! Oh, yeah, and one more thing -- Amy Was Wrong! But that's OK, because she was right about who was going to win this week's challenge.
Episode SIXTY - March 25, 2007
Spring arrives and brings the usual pollen and a truly rare phenomenon: Amy was wrong! And Bay takes great pleasure in pointing that out. Amy was wrong! Amy was wrong! (Guess who writes the show descriptions?) Amy Was Wrong! Hey, that doesn't happen too often. Fortunately, we're distracted from Amy's brief lapse by basketball (???) and great voice mail from loyal listeners. Gotta love the puns and straight men! Amy takes in a couple of only-in-Las-Vegas shows, while Bay tries to make Tennessee more entertaining by taking expired over-the-counter meds. Finally, what could make spring more welcome? Pretty shoes! Bay is drooling. Do you like puns? Are you a straight man? Are you a woman or a gay man who listens to the show? Make our day -- give us a call! 206-G2G-GRIT! (And tell Amy it's OK to be wrong sometimes.)
  • CarY, not CarL, weighs in on the haps at BTD. 
  • (There would be a basketball link here, but really... who cares?)
  • You don't have to go fishing with Kelly in AZ to get smoked salmon for your beagle! (Tee hee -- thanks, Kelly in CA!)
  • Listen to Anything San Francisco -- our friend and listener Gregory Zephyr's tasty little bite of SF Bay stuff!
  • See Blue Man Group at the Venetian in Las Vegas. (And get a "Lemon Extravaganza" for dessert at the Grand Lux Cafe while you're there!)
  • Sinbad is not dead. Amy just saw him perform this weekend, and he is definitely NOT dead. However, he still kills the audience.
  • Pretty spring shoes!
Episode FIFTY-NINE - Top Design Special - March 21, 2007
A fabulous individual challenge, and an incredible guest judge! Bay finally weighs in on whether watching "Dynasty" was good for any designer's formative education, and Amy finally ran out of patience with some designers' catty behavior under duress. So who was Kelly trying to emulate, Donna Summer or Laraine Newman? Either way, why couldn't she get a shirt to match the whole 70's hair vibe? But we're not here to judge the judges, darlings. We're here to dish. And say, isn't Tom Colicchio dishy?
NOTE: This is the episode in which Amy lied about two things. First, she lied when she said she loved Andrea's banquette. Andrea didn't have a banquette. Andrea had a side table that Amy inexplicably called a banquette. The table is what Amy loved. And second, Amy said that Carl said something Carl didn't say. Cary said the something that Amy said Carl said. Carl did say that Carisa didn't get credit for all her contributions in the garage makeover, but Carl didn't say that Carisa was his least favorite designer to work with. That was Cary who said that. Amy can't tell the difference between two four-letter C names. In fact, she was about to say that Carl said "Judy, Judy, Judy," but Bay reminded her that that was an entirely different Cary. In any case, Amy regrets that she misquoted Carl and she's going to go eat some crow now.
Episode FIFTY-EIGHT - March 17, 2007
Bunny trails and tortoise tales, that's what this show is all about! We were supposed to have four segments: Hi; Entertainment; Shopping; and Plans for the Summer. Where did we find all these conversational detours? So Amy and Bay tackle the highly edifying topics of unusual fishing bait, Amy's review of "Spamalot," a TV show that Bay doesn't want to see, and what Bay spilled on her purse so that Amy will be forced to make her a handmade hobo bag. And finally, things we want to put in our back yards. Amy's going all exotic and desert-like. Bay just wants an ordinary (but pretty!) fence for a dog. Is that so wrong??? Yes, yes, it is wrong, especially when we can't seem to keep from chasing butterflies. Look! Something shiny!...
Episode FIFTY-SEVEN - Top Design Special - March 14, 2007
Let's face it, we're torn. One of us loves Top Design, but both of us really wish it would improve -- FAST. And as torn as we are, it appears that the judges are just as didactic. They say that "team playing" is important, but then they espouse the virtues of individual expression. So which is it? Should the contestants be rude and shout, or should they be polite and "realize the team vision?" Here's an idea: Let's just all play NICE!

Episode FIFTY-SIX - March 11, 2007
Losing an hour of sleep is cruel and unusual punishment, and we are darned grumpy about it. Thank goodness for clocks that automatically change themselves! So we revel in the glory of technology while worrying about how that stuff gets programmed anyway. Is it bad of Bay to confess that her furniture is smarter than she is? Or is it OK if it's really just appliances? And while things are getting smarter, how long do we have to wait for smart highways and cars? Because the traffic is just getting us down! Congrats and best wishes for one of our favorite podcasting couples, who are tying the knot next week! YAY!
Episode FIFTY-FIVE - Top Design Special - March 7, 2007
Despite numerous technical difficulties -- not the least of which is figuring out which judge had the "bad hair week" -- Bay and Amy persevere and hold a homegrown cat fight about this week's Top Design episode, "Garage Band." Was it a fabulous episode? Or was it just more of the same-old, same-old? Was Michael the top cat, or the cat's meow? And by the way, what *kind* of dog wants to be on wheels? Kelly should know! And how is that family going to feel about that mini-stage in five or six years?
Episode FIFTY-FOUR - March 4, 2007
When it's all said and done, we're still girlie girls. Because we love to shop, whether in electronics stores where the salespeople can be pushy, or online where things we covet get snapped up by faster shoppers. What are the differences between shopping in East Tennessee and shopping in Sin City? And who makes those darling little purses covered with Austrian crystals? Pop Quiz! Where can you get Judith Leiber handbags? Ahhhh, shopping -- it's all good.
Episode FIFTY-THREE - February 28, 2007
It's the best episode ever! Seriously, we are really excited. We start off with a nice, sedate tale from the wilds of Amy's sewing room, and then we get the best scoop ever -- a conversation with an incomparably fabulous Oscar pundit and one of our regular listeners -- Sean in Arkansas! If only Skype will hold a connection long enough to make it work! So who did you think was the worst dressed guy at the Academy Awards? And should Meryl have put a little more effort into her look? What do you think? Email us or call us and dish!

Episode FIFTY-TWO - February 25, 2007
From cars to movie stars, Bay and Amy are definitely on a tear through fame, fortune, and some almost-famous memories. It's Oscar time! Check out Amy's husband's theatre, a.k.a. the Kodak Theatre. Did you see Amy on the Game Show Network last Friday? And she didn't even cry over the test! Bay did, though, and then she didn't even get on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Bummed? Heck, no, we got to see the original B'way cast of "The Producers"! Now that show has opened in Las Vegas, and Amy has a bit of a review. So how long does fifteen minutes of fame last? Forever -- as long as there's a cable channel for old game shows!
Episode FIFTY-ONE - Top Design Special - February 21, 2007
An insanely wealthy group of design students get the post-college living space of a lifetime, thanks to the 8 remaining designers and their $500 garage-sale budget. And talent! Let's not forget, years of education and experience are forming these 12x12' living spaces! So why do so many rooms look similar? And why is it the bad ones really stand out? Does Ryan spend a lot of time in arcades? Or prisons? And how does Michael define "clean and bright," anyway? We can't believe who won the challenge, and we're saddened by the loser. Bravo Network, could you please redefine the reality TV rules?

Episode FIFTY - February 18, 2007
In the absence of really pertinent news or reports, Amy and Bay take a trip down memory lane. What are our fondest recollections of winters in Tennessee and Las Vegas? Well, gosh, what different locations! What different weather! Hey, what varied pastimes each locale sports! Lots of storytelling, a little bit of action and adventure, some really cute monorail security guards, and then we even take time out to throw in a Grits Dish or two. Cool!

Episode FORTY-NINE - Top Design Special - February 14, 2007
Our third Top Design Glitz Blitz is a quick one, thanks to the challenge being a team one. With only three designs to dish about, we're short of chat and long on complaining about the beach. OK, that's just Bay. Still, we weren't one with the judges on this decision. And we definitely think Carisa had the right idea bout how to spend time on the beach if you simply must be there! Next week: We can't wait to see Kelly's hair!
Episode FORTY-EIGHT - February 11, 2007
Good heavens, it's almost Valentine's Day. When did that happen? While lots of folks are feeling ooey-gooey about all sorts of stuff, we can't help but notice that Bravo's "Top Design" isn't a recipient. What gives? Meanwhile, Amy's dog is singing "Puppy Love." (We didn't even know he had ever heard of The Osmonds!) Who needs Valentine's Day? We don't! Let's dish a few good reasons to skip the overhyped holiday and start dying our beer green in preparation for a much more festive occasion! And finally, Bay calls Amy names and whines because she didn't get to meet Sara of How Much Do We Love Podcast fame. (*&#@!)

Episode FORTY-SEVEN - Top Design Special - February 7, 2007
While Bay runs a fever and feels weepy about lots of stuff, Amy keeps a level head and introduces new intro music. We wish we could have taken listeners' suggestions, but we're too cheap to pay ASCAP fees! But let's get down and dirty -- what's up with John's flooring problems? Did Elizabeth forget about secondary and tertiary colors? Has Ryan been sniffing the paint? And should Carisa duct tape the extra pillows to the sharp corners? In stark contrast to the wild panic Matt wielded at meeting his "client," we surely did love his finished product! Way to pull it together, Matt! But in sad, sad news (especially to feverish and over-emotional Bay), we had to say goodbye to a favorite drama queen. Can we get a tissue, please?

Episode FORTY-SIX - February 4, 2007
Take a rambling jaunt with Amy and Bay through the wild and uncharted territories of glitzy girls actually watching (and betting on) a sporting event, new cell phone lessons, how to pine for a new pet, whether or not Jonathan Adler is destined to be the next Tim Gunn, and the etiquette of stinky hand lotion re-gifting. See? We said it was wild and uncharted. But that's not the half of it. Amy was a floozie! Bay was a Coke pusher! Can our reputations handle the revelations of our youthful pastimes? (Well... considering we spelled "Coke" with a capital C... yeah, probably.)

Episode FORTY-FIVE - Top Design Special - January 31, 2007
Amy and Bay run through a Glitz Blitz as fast as their little voices -- and Skype -- will carry them! It's the premiere of a whole new Bravo reality series, and we're so excited, we could die laughing. From the too-quick introductions of twelve contestants, through Todd Oldham's MC'ing capabilities, to the faaaaaaabulous judges -- who could ask for more to dish about? Not us! So it's a recap and a couple of editorials, all in one.

Episode FORTY-FOUR - January 28, 2007
Parrots are much on our minds, but even more colorful things are coming up this week. First we check in on the haps in Las Vegas, where Amy doesn't run into beauty queens, but she does get to hang out with extremely fun people. (And Bay hates her.) Top Chef last week was a bit of a disappointment, but that's OK because Amy can't keep the chefs' names straight, anyway. The big topic of discussion is the upcoming premiere of Top Design on Bravo Wednesday night -- we're using all our psycho, er, psychic powers to predict who gets cut and who's in for the long haul. And finally, we just wanna thank you. Thank you!

Episode FORTY-THREE - January 23, 2007
We're chatting about it all, from some little football game coming up in Miami, to a fabulously elegant, smart chick who knew when to stop hanging out with a guy with bad hair. (Go, Michelle!) A quick bit -- we finally know who's going to play Ulla in the LV production of "The Producers," and we're sure she'll be very good. And now Bay's turning green with jealousy because Amy's going to hang out with a podcast idol. Dang it! A little bit of family news, then Amy dishes about her new learning endeavor. (Continuing education rocks!) Finally, there's some interesting entertainment in both the Knoxville area and the Las Vegas area. Get some culture or party your buns off!

Episode FORTY-TWO - January 20, 2007
It's "Hi, Ziggy -- The Sequel"! And Amy is recovering nicely from shoulder surgery, but she still can't do the "wave" at a ballgame. Not that she'll be at a ballgame any time soon. For Bay's fellow Top Chef fans, there's a bit of fun gossip (all Padma fans, get ready to be outraged), and a complaint about manufactured draaaaaamaaaaaaa. (We know you'll agree.) Time to start doing your homework in preparation for Bravo's next reality show: Project Top Runway Design-er Race! What? Oh, yeah, we totally meant "Top Design." Absolutely! And Amy's husband is headed for the Skeptic Convention -- what? No! We don't believe it, either! You know what else we don't believe? We can't believe Steve and Miles mentioned us on The Strip podcast again. They rock!

Episode FORTY-ONE - January 14, 2007
It's an express train to showing the love for lots of things! From celebrations to town pets and right on up to an entertainment anticipation fest, we're just running gamut from A to ... well, at least V or W. We found one gorgeous winner of a Glitz Hit -- subscribe now! And finally, some last bits o' happy business about the recently crowned Party Recipe Contest Winner!

Episode FORTY - January 10, 2007
From calls to emails, we've been hearing from our listeners even more lately, and it makes us so happy! So we spent most of tonight's show talking about our listeners -- their emails, their voice mails, and trying to call one of 'em -- we're just running the gamut from listener feedback to listener appreciation! The Vocabulary Vixen segment focuses on perfectly fine words that drive some people crazy for some mysterious reason. And finally, congratulations are in order for the winner of our Party Recipe Contest. We were gonna say "Yummy," but we didn't want to offend anyone!

Episode THIRTY-NINE - January 7, 2007
We take our lives into our hands to prove our devotion to listeners! First Amy braves the traffic in a Las Vegas medical center parking lot, then Bay takes up dancing without music. Don't try this at home! Then we indulge in a little bit of listener feedback and some shopping reports. Why is Amy grinning so happily over her Grits Dish restaurant choice? Last few days to vote for the Party Recipe Contest favorites!

Episode THIRTY-EIGHT - January 3, 2007
It's 2007, and there's a new batch of stuff to talk about! First of all, Amy and Bay are complaining -- well, Bay is complaining -- about catching a whole new cold for the new year. Why can't colds be as dramatic as, say, tuberculosis? And we're lovin' our personal musicians, from Jimmie Bratcher to Robert Morgan Fisher and beyond! Then we delve into after-Christmas sales, sales, sales, and the joys of shopping, shopping, shopping! But wait -- what is that? Another photo of Britney in the tabloids? Ack! Fortunately, we catch up on some old news and then move right on to more important things: Vocabulary Vixen! Bay's hot around the collar, but she isn't runnin' a fever. Voting in the Party Recipe Contest ceases on January 10th -- get your votes in now while you still can!
  • Jimmie Bratcher on Podsafe Music Network
  • Joann Etc. has a big sale!
  • And the University of Nevada/Las Vegas has sewing classes  
  • Get earphones for your iPod that don't fall out of your ears!
  • 284 entries on TMZ so far for Britney "news"
  • But we still love Tim Gunn so much more for being elegant and sedate
  • Gentleman Jack for the gentlemen in your life
  • Oh, and did we mention the Party Recipe Contest?