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2006 Episodes

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Episode THIRTY-SEVEN - December 31, 2006
Hey, it's New Year's Eve! Amy and Bay listed the things that they learned in 2006 -- it was a very educational year -- and giggled a lot. Happy New Year, y'all!! Don't forget to vote in the Party Recipe Contest!
Episode THIRTY-SIX - December 27, 2006
Gather 'round the holiday iPod for a dose of very gritty Grits to Glitz -- live from East Tennessee! We're giggling madly about podcasting in the same room, breaking mics, vulching parking spots, stealing purses, and movies -- not to mention pinching sisters to see if they're really here. Don't miss the news on what Amy gave Bay for Christmas! (Note to Tim Gunn: I got your note -- I love you, too!) And it's time to vote for your favorite Party Recipe -- the contest is up, so don't forget to vote!

Episode THIRTY-FIVE - December 17, 2006
We're celebrating Time's latest Person of the Year -- YOU! And aside from that, we're just totally stressing out over the holidays and planning to go into panic mode any minute now. Did we laugh? We can't remember -- we're too stressed out! One thing we could never forget -- our Party Recipes contest! Entrees will be posted for review ASAP! (Just as soon as we can slow down and type for a minute in between getting tangled up in lights and ribbons and tape....)

Episode THIRTY-FOUR - December 13, 2006
We couldn't help it; we just had so much to say! First we discuss favorite old TV Christmas specials, and then we had to talk about our pets' current health issues. At least we got some eye-candy in the process! The Glitz Hit is a departure, but it provides minutes of entertainment -- we hope you love it as much as we do. Finally, the recipes are making our mouths water already -- get in on the Party Recipes contest!

Episode THIRTY-THREE - December 10, 2006
From LP's to women in podcasting, Bay and Amy hit a lot of topics really quickly and then move on to the meat of the show: Entertainment! Amy caught a genuine Las Vegas "spectacular," while Bay took in a spectacle that she thought wouldn't happen in Las Vegas. Turns out -- it does! Then we turn our psychic powers on and discuss some tasty sandwiches, available from one state to the next -- no telling how "authentic" they might be, they're darned tasty! And of course, enter our Party Recipes contests -- someone has to win!

Episode THIRTY-TWO - December 6, 2006
Neither Skype nor skips nor technical glitches will keep the G2G gals from presenting their regularly scheduled podcast! This time out, Bay and Amy discuss women in podcasting -- a weighty topic -- and take time to smell the roses when a listener sends some much-appreciated praise for the good ol' Thanksgiving episode. In a fit of voice-mail love, we play another message from another listener, this time on the topic of Grammar Grits -- touché or tushe? (And Bay indulges in a fit of giggles...) Nice guys don't always finish last! And our Glitz Hit proves it! And finally, don't forget to send us your favorite Party Recipes -- it's almost time to vote!

Episode THIRTY-ONE - December 3, 2006
It's a twenty-minute gab fest about Amy's visit to a Las Vegas animal act -- with even bigger stars in attendance! Well, OK, we also talk about how people decorate for the holidays, with emphasis on lights in Las Vegas and poppable giant snow globes in East Tennessee. Finally we get around to talking about shopping, and it turns out Bay needs to be shopping in the "novelties" and "smoking paraphernalia" stores for her charitable endeavors. Great dining in both states, and send us your recipes for the Recipe Contest!

Episode THIRTY - November 30, 2006
The new, shorter format continues when Bay & Amy discuss homeless cats, holiday video cards, the abuse of the word "touche," and tales about hometowns and the superstitions/legends therein! Our Recipe Contest has a new twist for winners, and we play a piece of a voice mail from a favorite listener. Get your name in lights! You wanna be famous! You wanna be... That Girl!

Episode TWENTY-NINE - November 26, 2006
In this new, streamlined edition of Grits to Glitz, Amy and Bay hit on half the features they usually do. The girls return to some unfinished movie analysis, then forge ahead to address seasonal shopping issues. The Grits Dishes offer two takes on Thanksgiving fare, and...hey! Stop text messaging at the dinner table! And, as always, we await your feedback! Check here to find all the ways you can let your voice be heard!

Episode TWENTY-EIGHT - November 23, 2006
It's a holiday special! We're blitzing right through a few dozen special things for which we're grateful. From pretty martini glasses to broadband internet connections, we're covering all kinds of fabulous reasons to say "Thank you!"
    We hit on approximately 58 things we love. That's way too many links, even for the most devoted Web surfer! So we're going to give it a couple of days (while Bay searches out all the links and maybe takes a few pictures) before we post the links to all our favorite doodads and trinkets. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Episode TWENTY-SEVEN - November 19, 2006
No matter what we do, we can't seem to talk for a shorter period of time. Hmmm! It's almost Thanksgiving, and holiday shopping is in full swing -- except for Bay. We have thoughts about the new movie Stranger Than Fiction -- really positive thoughts! "Affect" and "effect" are preoccupying Bay for some reason, and Amy found a fabulous new Glitz Hit. (Big thanks to The Petcast for steering us in that direction!) Fast-food cuisine and holiday classics are visited in The Grits Dish, and we have a winner of the "Name Amy's New Solstice" contest! Announcing a new contest -- dust off your recipe box and get ready to share!

Episode TWENTY-SIX - November 11, 2006
After a rocky start (has Bay been drinking, or is she just dingy?), Amy and Bay get down to the business of celebrating yet again their status as Internationally Beloved Podcasters. (Jian dao ni hen gao xing, y'all!) Dumped by the PRGay Boys? That's OK, we'll keep you company until Season Four starts! Then serious science takes over while we discuss the filth lurking in your everyday handbag. Amy is her chiropractor's favorite patient, and we're searching the Internet for chiropractic porn sites -- just in case. Grammar Grits takes a big trip to Sardonic T-shirt Land, and we invite you to share your favorite new t-shirt slogans! Then we check out an audio Glitz Hit to satisfy even the quirkiest news hounds -- we can't make this stuff up! The Grits Dishes are sure to satisfy and disgust -- not at the same time, of course. Finally, this is the last week to get your suggestions in for our contest. Name Amy's new car! Prizes are a Las Vegas shotglass and a deck of cards, along with a hand-beaded key ring.

Episode TWENTY-FIVE - November 4, 2006
A month ago Bay took the sedate family tour of the Magic Kingdom. This time she's on a tear with the wild women. She's back in Orlando stirring up trouble and having a ball! Meanwhile, Amy gives medical updates on the menagerie, welcomes a new high-tech family member, and chooses a Glitz Hit with some slightly ulterior motives. The Grits Dishes are a little of this, a little of that, and a surprise that reminds Amy to keep an open mind. And the Name the Yellow Solstice contest rolls on!

Episode TWENTY-FOUR - October 30, 2006
A G2G Halloween special! What makes it special? Bay's voice is back! First up, we're comparing Halloween notes from Las Vegas to East Tennessee (do mudslides improve the quality of one's Halloween experience?), and then we delve into how we've treated our pets this week. (Take a walk on the wild side... tee hee!) Amy hobnobs with celebrities and famous people, while Bay prepares to return to Florida with a bunch of friends. The podcast of the week is an educational experience, and our Grits Dishes are yummy, whether you're a tourist in Las Vegas or an American in Britain. Don't forget the new contest -- name Amy's new car!

Episode TWENTY-THREE-C - October 29, 2006
Another week, another no show. Has Bay deserted us for good? She sends a written statement that helps explain her situation, and Amy finds the perfect song for the occasion.

Episode TWENTY-THREE-B - October 22, 2006
In a stunning display of what happens when you anger the Project Runway gods, Bay has been stricken with a dread disease. Not only has she been robbed of her voice, she's been stripped of her ability to breathe three times in a row without coughing pitifully. Amy told her this would happen. Bay didn't listen, and she dispensed negativity and bad vibes all over the Internet, resulting in her current malaise.

In an effort to negate this bad mojo, Bay promises to blow up a plaid couch, don some uneven, unfinished rags (longer in the front, of course), and to get a tattoo on her neck that reads in misspelled Latin, "Jeffrey Roolz."

As soon as we can, we shall podcast again. Hopefully Wednesday night. In the meantime, we are terribly sorry to skip a weekend! Please forgive us!

Episode TWENTY-THREE - Project Runway Special - October 18, 2006
For a couple of totally speechless, incredibly disappointed chicks, Bay and Amy managed to talk about the Season 3 Finale of Project Runway for 37 minutes! Find out which designer had the best music, which designer got the most applause, and the mystery of cramming all the family members in the green room!

Episode TWENTY-TWO - October 15, 2006
Amy hightails it outta town to grab a new car in Reno and then dashes off to exotic Lake Tahoe. Bay finds out what it's like to be censored, and Amy reports on visitors to her backyard nectar feeder. While we're on the edges of our seats to see the Project Runway winner crowned, Bay starts a new segment and declares her love for "lurv." The Glitz Hit promises to please news fans and humor fans alike! We announce the winner of the Name the Lame-o Food Segment and dish about a steakhouse in Orlando while Amy hangs out next to the koi pond of a fabulous Las Vegas eatery. Finally, we've got a new contest!

Episode TWENTY-ONE - Project Runway Special - October 11, 2006
Lots of Tim Gunn scenes make Amy and Bay very happy! Cute Michael, fabulous Frank the Turtle -- er, we mean, Laura -- Uli's East German monologue went on too long, and Jeffrey is nicer when he's around his baby boy. Amy declares a new favorite, and Bay conveys a surprisingly pro-Jeffrey stance. We can't wait until next week -- can't wait, can't wait at all!

Episode TWENTY point five - October 9, 2006
Amy is not too proud to beg when it comes to rounding up votes for her documentary. "The Middle of Somewhere" is on the Current TV web site just waiting for you to check it out and vote...if you're so inclined.

Episode TWENTY - October 8, 2006
Two weeks since the last regular show makes for a lot of chat! Amy and Bay rehash some of the last footnotes from the reunion show on Project Runway, and then they compare car notes from one side of the country to the other. Bay gives a brief report on her Disney World trip (faboo, dahlings) and Amy did some major studying at the Portable Media Expo -- but neither of them bought the souvenirs they wanted! Help Amy with her documentary, and check out a geek's favorite podcast, "Diary of a Shameless Self-Promoter." The Lame-O Food Segment consists of exotic fare outside the Glitz girls' usual haunts -- Bay dishes up a great twist on creme brulee, while Amy indulges in Greek food!

Episode NINETEEN - Project Runway Special - October 4, 2006
Bay dashes home from vacation just in time to watch the reunion special and turn over a new, gentler, kinder leaf...or at least that's the plan. Whose laugh is offensive? Bay is ready to take on Tim Gunn in a vocabulary contest, but we'd have to make her mad first. And how could she ever be mad at Tim Gunn?! Drama, drama, and more drama round out this episode of Grits to Glitz!
  • Find kindred spirits at Blogging Project Runway!
  • Tom and Lorenzo always find the perfect way to say just what we wanted to say at Project Rungay.
  • Two more weeks to go! Don't forget the official Project Runway site. Those bonus videos are full of valuable information.

Episode EIGHTEEN - Project Runway Special - September 27, 2006
Not rain nor snow nor animated mice nor the inability to even watch the show will keep Bay from dishing the Project Runway dirt with Amy. Bay interrupts her vacation to discuss whether Jeffrey is truly a romantic at heart, whether Nazri could make a potato sack look good, and whether Bravo was able to completely surprise us with the finalists.

Episode SEVENTEEN - September 24, 2006
Bon voyage! Amy and Bay discuss travel plans and whether or not Disney World rocks. Bay says yea, Amy says nay -- you decide! Amy's heading to the Portable Media Expo in LA next weekend (so probably no G2G, sorry!), and we wish her great luck and not spending too much moolah. Bay reports on the Addie Brownlee concert in Knoxville, and for the first time ever, we play a song in its entirety -- with the artist's permission! Amy finds a great new Glitz Hit for Bay and the other Disney freaks, and we both had great burgers, even though we are 2000 miles apart. Enter our contest and win the "Carry on!" bracelet! Vote for us on Podcast Alley! Be our friend on MySpace -- we need friends!
Episode SIXTEEN - Project Runway Special - September 20, 2006
Amy and Bay hash out the tragedy of no new episode, but notice that this gives a chance to review our favorites, anyway. The commercials on Bravo are hinting at four finalists showing entire lines at Fashion Week, and Amy and Bay talk about their Fantasy Top Four, which is only half lined up with Bravo's top four. We discuss the bloggers and the Fabulous Gay Boys who keep us tuned in every week, and we finish up with a lot of hope for next week's episode!
Episode FIFTEEN - September 16, 2006
Ahhh, Episode 15, the show that proves we really can ramble on for eons about absolutely nothing! First we beg our listeners for validation. (Podcast Alley and MySpace? oh, my!) Then we dish about Project Runway's upcoming show and how Laura's gonna say what we've all been thinking for weeks. Amy rhapsodizes about her forthcoming cookware, and then we hold a major love-fest for Miles, our other favorite podcaster ever. The Southern Hemisphere supplies oodles of theories and no concrete evidence, but that's OK because we always have new fall TV programs to keep us busy. But that doesn't begin to compare with the live entertainment here and there! We found a real "Betty" of a Glitz Hit; Amy provides a cautionary tale for a Las Vegas eatery, and Bay relies on a new favorite to supply her with oodles of yummy sammitches. Don't forget to help us name our Lame-o Food Segment! Bay's making a bracelet for a prize -- and we ARE willing to ship overseas!!

Episode FOURTEEN - Project Runway Special - September 13, 2006
"Make new friends, but keep the old" must have been a camp song for the Project Runway producers, because we're thrilled to see some old friends in this fun-filled episode! Amy and Bay question the timeline of the production schedule, give props to Michael (our fave!), and still wonder why the judges take it so easy on mean old Jeffrey. And why can't we get any reliable spoilers?? The tension is killing us!
Episode THIRTEEN - September 10, 2006
Internationally beloved podcasters take on a particularly erudite, cultured, elegant week with some fun phone calls from our wonderful listeners! Amy's throwing a party, Bay's soaking up some tunes; a trip to the theatre and an art show; and FINALLY Bay found a decent place to eat. In stark contrast, Amy found a decidedly indecent place to eat! Well, at least the name is ... shall we say, questionable? Finally, our new Name The Meal of the Week Segment Contest rolls merrily along!

Episode TWELVE - Project Runway Special - September 6, 2006
G2G's Episode 12 is Project Runway's Episode 9! Not a lot of surprises, except for Jeffrey's pyrotechnics skills. Michael, we have faith in you!

Episode ELEVEN - September 2, 2006
It's football time in Tennessee -- yawn! Project Runway video extras answer all our questions. We launch a campaign to bring back Green Acres, and praise the 5 Questions podcast for giving us that platform! Lit agent Miss Snark is making Bay go bald, and Amy's wrecked car... remains wrecked. Lifting our spirits, lots of listener feedback -- YAY! We cuddle up and pet the Glitz Hit of the Week, and Amy got a tasty lunch at a Las Vegas restaurant featuring baklava and moussaka -- yum! Bay wasn't so lucky -- yuck! The contest -- WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! And we announce a *new* contest!
Episode TEN - Project Runway Special - August 30, 2006
Well, it's official -- we've gone overboard for Project Runway! From Vincent's craziness to Angela's gentle craftiness, we are still agreeing on one thing: It would be SO COOL to travel to Paris with Tim Gunn! Kudos to our favorite designer, predictions for the Final 3, and a whole lot of despair that the judges missed a golden opportunity to "auf" Jeffrey. Why is Laura showing so quickly? All this and more!
Episode NINE - August 26, 2006
G2G was mentioned in one of our favorite podcasts!!! What do you call those little guys who run around chewing on human beings? Do they juggle plates? Movies in Tennessee vs. classic Las Vegas revue! Glitz Hit with a big-time media star from Bravo TV! Food to die for from Chinese cuisine to sprigs of rosemary at a Vegas fixture. Bay got an iiiiiiPod, she got an iiiiiiiiPod, and then Amy totally upstaged her by getting... well, you gotta hear it for yourself. And... The Sibling Story Contest ... Lives... ON!!
Episode EIGHT - Project Runway Special - August 23, 2006
Special edition! Grits to Glitz is dishing the Project Runway dirt on a more timely basis now -- Wednesday night, as soon as the show wraps! You'll get all our thoughts, from loving the designers' moms to cursing about the jerks. Get the scoop, hot off the presses, no need to wait!
Episode SEVEN - August 20, 2006
Project Runway chat -- don't say "fat"!!!! -- and the addictive nature of Stuff On My Cat! Amy's got a new computer and scooty new chair, but Bay behaved herself at the DMV. An "only in Las Vegas" moment; "Dancing With the Stars" pre-season dish session; and the newly renamed Glitz Hit is wicked fine show! Finally, Amy reviews a fast food restaurant, and we got some listeners' sibling stories to share! The contest rolls on.....
Episode SIX - August 14, 2006
Lots of old business, from Project Runway's Tim Gunn insider gossip to the coolness of last week's 5 Questions Podcast! Our Meals of the Week consist of a darned good Las Vegas buffet and a totally wretched "Don't Eat Here With or Without Bay" East Tennessee tourist trap. How much do we love this week's Podcast of the Week? TONS! And finally, we play some listeners' sibling stories and beg for more, more, more!
Episode FIVE - August 10, 2006
More love for Project Runway and the men who do/don't watch it with us! Amy and Bay both had yard situations of various sorts, and Bay suffered through the trauma of her first selling experience on eBay. But wait -- Amy brings home the Oscar for amateur filmmaking fun, and we continue telling our favorite sibling stories!

Episode FOUR - August 2, 2006
Theme? We don't need no stinking theme! Bay and Amy talk Vegas news, anticipate the big shocker on Project Runway, and compare and contrast entertainment options in Tennessee vs. Las Vegas. And there is great rejoicing over the very first voice mail!

Episode THREE - July 26, 2006
After a hectic week together, Amy and Bay have plenty to talk about. Hear about the wild moving sale (only two years after Amy actually moved). Meet Stove Man, hear the story of the martini glasses, and find out where to find the best Chinese food in east Tennessee.
Episode TWO - July 16, 2006
Dish the dirt about the Vegas premiere of Love vs. the E. TN season premiere of Project Runway, then listen as Bay and Amy talk about food! Check out our favorite Podcast of the Week, and find out how to enter our first contest!
Episode ONE - July 12, 2006
Bay and Amy introduce themselves and contemplate the differences between life in east Tennessee and that in Vegas. We discuss the entertainment scene in our respective locales and give our review of The Devil Wears Prada.